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To be a certified coach you must complete training by the USASF (United States All-Star Federation) or the AACCA (American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators.)

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Q: The training needed to be a cheerleading coach?
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What kind of training do I need to become a football coach?

There is no special training or certifications needed to be a football coach. The only thing that is needed is a knowledge of the game and a company that will hire you.

How do you work in cheerleading?

To get a job in cheerleading, you can try out for the cheerleading team of a professional football team (such as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders), stunt double for characters in cheerleading movies (have you ever seen Bring It On?), or coach/assistant coach a cheerleading team near you.

What schooling do you have to do to be a cheer coach?

You should have some on the job training, and you need to become certified with the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors or the USASF

How many cheerleaders are there in a football game?

it dependa on the cheerleading coach. the cheerleading coach usually picks the amount of cheerleaders she or he wants in a game.

Who is the cheerleading coach at Falcon Cove Middle School?

Now it is Coach Malone

How much does a cheerleading beginer coach get paid an hour?

The salary for a beginning cheerleader coach will vary depending on location. The average salary for a cheerleading coach who is just starting out is about $33,000 per year

Does a cheerleading coach need a degree?

Yes.Cheerleading Coaches need degrees because it show that theyve expirienced of being a coach and is responsible for the girls on the cheerleading team.

Cheerleading coach salary?

A cheerleading coach's salary is not extremely high. The average is around $26,000 and that is in a popular state. So, it may be lower in other states.

What are the rules for cheerleading?

The rules vary depending on the coach.

How can cheerleading be safe?

Cheerleading is safe when you have proper supervision, training, and use mats.

What skills are necessary to be a cheerleading coach?

Being a cheerleading coach is like being any other kind of coach. You need to be creative, patient and very involved. In cheerleading , you need knowledge on stunts, gymnastics and cheers in order to perform. You have to remember thought that coaching gets better with experience.

How much does a cheerleading coach get paid?

about 6000-10000 a year