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Ken Cumming was a West Australian Fast-Medium Bowler who in Australian First Grade cricket in March 1944 took 5 wickets in consecutive balls.

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Q: The most wickets in a row ever in cricket?
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What is a hattrick in cricket?

Three wickets taken in three balls one after the other, in a row is termed as a hattrick.

Who bowler has the most clean bowled in cricket?

Pasan Rajapakse. On a cricket Finals he bowled six wickets in a row and broke the middle stump into several pieces. Also he is being named for the bowler with no wides and 6 Hat-ricks

What is one word that means to take three wickets in a row?


Can there be a Hat trick when there is wide ball in between the wickets taken?

Yes, a hat trick is actually not three wickets in a row, its three in an over.

World record for most cartwheels in a row?

the most cartwheels i have ever done in a row is 3000

When the last two wickets taken in a row will the bowler will get the hat trick in the next match?


What modern term comes from a bowler who gets three wickets in a row?

an apple with a maggot in it for being a noob

What county won the cricket county championship 3 times in a row?

what country won the cricket championship

Who was the first captain of the Indian Cricket team to win 9 ODIs in a row?

rahul dravid is the first captain of Indian cricket team to win 9 ODI's in a row.

Why is a hat trick called a hat trick?

The cricket term hat trick appeared first in British print in 1858. It refers to one player scoring three times in a row. In cricket jargon, one bowler takes three wickets with three balls in a row. That player was then permitted to pass around his hat and collect a few modest "rewards" such as pennies. So runs one story. Another says the cricket club bought the hat-tricking player a new hat. There are many versions of how the hat trick became connected to soccer, hockey, etc. most of which don't have supporting evidence.

Who has had the most hat tricks in a row?

There are three or four players with two games in a row, Alex Burroughs (canucks) just tied it. No player ever has three games in a row!

What is bowling in cricket?

You roll the ball and get 12 criquets dead in a row!

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