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I found this information for the Taylor Made Burner XDs. * #4 (21-degree loft; 61.5-degree lie angle; 6.7mm offset) * #5 (23-degree loft; 62-degree lie angle; 6.3mm offset) * #6 (26-degree loft; 62.5-degree lie angle; 6mm offset) * #7 (30-degree loft; 63-degree lie angle; 5.7mm offset) * #8 (34-degree loft; 63.5-degree lie angle; 5.3mm offset) * #9 (39-degree loft; 64-degree lie angle; 5mm offset) * PW (44-degree loft; 64.5-degree lie angle; 4.7mm offset) * SW (49-degree loft; 64.5-degree lie angle; 2mm offset)

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Q: The loft of taylormade 2009 burner irons?
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The loft of taylormade burner irons 09?

The Taylormade website will give you full details.

What is the loft in degrees of taylormade irons?

piching wedge

The loft of taylormade R7 irons?

Please see related links.

What is the degree of loft for taylormade 360 irons?

See Taylormade website, under vintage clubs. To be honest though, they will be the exact same as any current TM iron.

What is loft on new Taylor made burner irons?

Loft may range from 19 degree to 60 degree depending on the specs of the iron.

What is the loft of a taylormade r7 draw 5 wood?

Eighteen degree according to Taylor Made site.

What does the A in Taylormade wedge stand for?

It stands for "Approach Wedge" which is the same as a gap wedge and its loft is generally about 50 degrees.

What is the loft of Nike slingshot irons?

The loft on the Slingshot irons as well as any other iron ranges from 14 degrees to 60 degrees.Specifically, the Nike Slingshot 4D irons specs are as follows.Club456789PWSWLoft2326303438424655Lie61626363.56464.56565.5Length38.7538.2537.7537.2536.7536.253635.75Womens Length37.7537.2536.7536.2535.7535.253534.75HandRH/LHRH/LHRH/LHRH/LHRH/LHRH/LHRH/LHRH/LH

What is the difference between Golf irons compared to fairway woods?

Irons generally have steel shafts, which are shorter than woods. Irons have more loft amd the heads are a lot smaller. Woods have less loft, longer shafts which are made of graphite. The heads on woods are bigger. Woods go a lot further than irons, generally.

What wedge is the best?

Well I recommend the TaylorMade wedges it doesn't matter the loft on the wedge. As long as it is TaylorMade it will work just fine. Make sure you get it custom fit. The the longer it is the more the ball will go.

What is the loft o fAdams golf GT 3 irons?

The Adams website will have full details.

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