The history of bowing in karate?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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In Japanese culture it is customary to show respect by bowing; instead of hand shakes, the Japanese generally bow. This permeated all of their activites so was a part of karate even before it was an established activity.

It is the first rule of the Niju Kun, the 20 precepts of Shotokan, however that first rule applies to all styles;

"Karate begins with respect, and ends with respect."

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Bowing is an essential way of showing respect.

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There are few solid rules. When entering and leaving the training room it is customary to bow. At the beginning and end of class to the instructor and to one's training partner.

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Q: The history of bowing in karate?
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There are no 'rituals' in karate. There is respect and manners, typically indicated by bowing.

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