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Q: The highest pole vault jump in Pennsylvania history?
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What is the highest pole vault jump?

6.5 meters

What is the highest Halo jump in history?

23 miles

What are the four jumping events?

High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and Pole Vault

What are the two meanings of vault?

there is a vault in gymnastics which gymnasts jump over and you can have a vault - which is like a safe, where u keep money/goods etc.

What is an event like high jump but with a pole?

pole vault

4 jumping events in track and field?

High jump, pole vault, long jump and triple jump

Where did the name pole vault came from?

Well, participants use a long pole to vault (jump) over a rod, thus the name pole vault

What category does a pole vault go under?

Pole vault is classed as a 'jump' in the field event in athletics.

How do you get past the wheel door after got past all of the dogs?

first you jump on to the shelf's and jump up to the top of the vault and the jump in the hole on top of the vault and free the spy- he will give you a laser pen and take care of the guard

What are four jumping events?

They are long jump high jump triple jump and pole vault by shrimpier

What are the synonyms for leap?

rise, bound, jump, vault

What is the five field events?

Pole Vault, Discus, Javelin, Shot Put, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump

What was the highest horse jump?

the highest horse jump was 9.3.

Which Standard athletic competitions include four jumping events long jump high jump pole vault and which other?

Triple Jump

What techniques make a good pole vault jump?


What do you call the jump which includes using a pole?

A pole vault.

Is Jumping still played in the Olympics today?

The High jump, Long jump, Triple jump, and Pole vault (jump) are all currently in the modern olympic program.

What are the Olympic field events?

discus, hammer throw, javlin's, triple jump, long jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put.

What track and field events are in the olympics?

Javelin, Shot put, discus, long jump, high jump, triple jump,pole vault and hammer

What is the highest jump by a pig?

The highest jump by a pig is SEVENTY WHOLE CENTIMETERS!

What is the game in track when you jump over the long pole?

The pole vault.

What are 8 Olympic Field Events?

long jump,high jump,pole vault,triple jump,javelin,hammer throw,discus,shot put

What is a synonym for leap?

jump,hop,pounce,bobjerk,jolt,canter,caper,lurch,vault,wrench hope this helps!! jump,hop,pounce,bobjerk,jolt,canter,caper,lurch,vault,wrench hope this helps!!

What highest number on jump roping?

the highest number for jump roping is 1,000 times

What is the highest a connemara can jump?

The highest jump of a Connemara is 1.48 metres