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Bob Hayes (1965-1974) holds the career team record with 71.

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Q: Who holds the all-time receiving touchdown record for the Cowboys?
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Who is the Dallas Cowboys alltime winning QB?

Troy Aikman, who had a 94-71 record with the Cowboys from 1989-2000.

Who holds the record for most touchdown receptions?

Jerry Rice with 197 receiving touchdowns

Which player holds the Rams alltime record for most receiving yards in a single game?

Flipper Anderson holds the Rams team record and the NFL record for receiving yards in a single game with 336 yards in a game against the Saints in 1989.

What is White Sox alltime record?

2989 hits

What is the Cleveland Indians alltime record?


Which player holds the NFL record for single game yardage in passing rushing and receiving without scoring a touchdown?

Michel Jackson..........??????????????

Who holds the all time touchdown receptions for the Dallas Cowboys?

Bob Hayes (1965-1974) holds the career team record with 71.

Who hold Cowboy's record for most career touchdown catches?

As of the start of the 2008 season, that would be Bob Hayes with 71 receiving TDs.

In 2000 Terrell Owens set a single-game receiving record with how many receptions?

20, one of them a touchdown, against the Chicago Bears.

Does any school have an alltime winning record against Kentucky?


Who is the alltime block record in NCAA mens basketball?

Adonal Foyle

Who has the record for career touchdown receptions at auburn university?

The record for most touchdown receptions at Auburn University is held by Terry Beasley, who had a total of 29 receiving touchdowns in only 3 seasons, 1969-1971. Beasley also holds the top 2 spots for receiving touchdowns in a single season with 11 in 1970 and 12 in 1971.

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