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South Africa's premier soccer league

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Q: What is the best run soccer league in Africa?
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Which soccer club has the longest unbeaten run at home in their league in Europe?


What is faster football or soccer?

soccer beacuse its the best sport in the world, and mid fielders run a lot.

What is the best sport to do to get in shape?

soccer, cuz you get to stretch and run

What are the best soccer cleat?

I love nike soccer cleats. They have padding in them and are easy to run in and dont pinch your feet.

What is the best way to effectively dribble a soccer ball?

The best way to dribble it is to keeping tapping it with your toe or kick it hard enough so you can run and dribble. If it works you might be into soccer and maybe good at it. ;)

What are the best brands of soccer shoes?

The best brands of soccer shoes are Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Adidas make it easier to run through grass, Nike are regular, and Puma are good too. Any of the three should be suitable.

Work characteristics of a soccer player?

you have to run a lot for a long time and you have to do your best u know what im saying

What can you do in soccer?


What is the best running workout to train for soccer?

Run around a track or jog up a hill or sprint across a field.

Which premier league team has the best unbeaten run at home record?

chelsea 86 matches

Which sport do you run more soccer or basketball?

You run more in soccer. This is because, you run constantly throughout the whole game. During Basketball you have a chance to take a break and you run a much shorter distance. In Soccer, if you are taken out you can not go back in, but in basketball if your taken out you can go back in.

Which soccer team has the longest unbeaten run?

AFC Wimbledon of the English league went a total of 78 games unbeaten including 1 season winning all the games.

Why is softball a better sport than soccer?

soccer you just run and softball you run,steal,lead,slide,bat,and catch

Do all soccer fields run north and south?

Most soccer fields do run north and south. This is because it prevents the goalie to have the sun in their eyes.

Where do players run more in soccer or football?

Soccer. Way more running.

How can I build up stamina and get faster for soccer in a week?


What is the speed of soccer?

There is no speed of soccer. In soccer the only speed is how fast you run.

How long does a soccer game run for?

A Soccer game runs for 90 minutes. *i think*

How far does a soccer player run in a match?

On average, professional soccer players, such as midfielders, run about 6 miles per game.

Which soccer club has the longest unbeaten run?

It is unknown which team has the longest unbeaten run in all competitions. Arsenal have the longest English league run with 49 games unbeaten, which included the entire 2003/04 Barclay's Premier League season unbeaten. Chelsea have the longest unbeaten home run in the league with 86 games. Liverpool have the longest unbeaten home run in all competitions with 85 games. The longest unbeaten League run in English Senior Football is held by AFC Wimbledon who went 78 games unbeaten from 22 Feb 2003 to 4 Dec 2004. This included a complete league season undefeated. Steaua Bucharest went 104 matches unbeaten between 1986 and 1989

Why the basics for soccer are important?

The basics are very important for soccer. Can't run before you can walk.

Can you run with the ball in Kinect sports for soccer?


What is a soccer field?

its a huge chunk of grass you run on and you play a terrific game of soccer

Why do you need flexibility in soccer?

So that you can run fast and you don't have to worry about pulling any muscles. It is probably best yo stretch before you play . x

How many miles does the average high school soccer player run per game?

2-3 depending on the position. in a competitive league, as a midfielder probably 2-3. all depends on the quality of the teams.