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The best ever left handed batsman in England is Sturss (Captain)

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Q: The best ever left handed batsman for England?
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Is sachin the best Indian batsman?

yes. there's no doubt about that....not only is he the best cricketer to have ever played for India, he is probably the best batsman to have ever played in the world after don Bradman.

Who is the best one day batsman ever?

sachin tendulkar is the best one day batsman ever. 44 centuries, 16800+ one day runs.... unmatched !!!!

Is Brian Lara a better batsman than Sachin Tendulkar?

sachin is the best batsman ever born

Which is the best batsman ever?

Sachin Tendulkar without doubt

Who is the best batsman ever in Australia?

Donald Bradman, he averaged 99 points

Who is best batsman of test cricket?

technically the best ever test cricket batsman was don bradman the prson with the most ever test centurys was jack hobbs. Brian Lara got the highest individual score at 400 not out

Is don bradman the best batsman?

In most sports there is debate who was the best ever but in cricket "The Don" is without question the best ever and probably the best that will ever be. His average is almost twice as good as the next best player. (100 vs 60)

When was Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara born?

Kumar Sangakkara was born on October 27, 1977.

Who is the best batsman on the Indian cricket team?

sachin is the best Indian batsman ever. He is also rated as the second greatest batsman of altime after the great sir don bradman. In a country like India cricket is a religion sachin is God. Most of the people in India don't know the prime minister but know who sachin ramesh tendulker.

Who is the best batsman ever?

It is by a mile Sir Donald Bradman with a batting average of 99.94 in test (that is the average amount of runs he sored in a match)

Who is the best in England at freestyle wrestling?

joey gilligan of Manchester ymca is the best wrestler England has ever had

What is the time taken from the fastest ball ever bowled to the ball reaching the batsman?

Shoaib Akthar of Pakistan has bowled the fastest ball in odi's so far. he bowled around a speed of 161.3 km/hr or 100.2 miles per hour to the England batsman Nick Knight.

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