Is don bradman the best batsman?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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In most sports there is debate who was the best ever but in cricket "The Don" is without question the best ever and probably the best that will ever be. His average is almost twice as good as the next best player. (100 vs 60)

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Q: Is don bradman the best batsman?
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Satisticallywho is the greatest batsman of all time?

Don Bradman Don Bradman

What is an interesting thing about don bradman?

The interesting thing about Sir Don Bradman is that he was The greatest batsman as well as a good person.

Was Don Bradman right handed?

Donald Bradman was a strong right-handed batsman who played for Australia.

Is sachin the best Indian batsman?

yes. there's no doubt about that....not only is he the best cricketer to have ever played for India, he is probably the best batsman to have ever played in the world after don Bradman.

Which England batsman has scored the most runs againgt Australia?

don bradman

Who was the great batsman?

If there was one great batsman you'd be referring to Donald Bradman. Undoubtably the best batsman of all time. With a career average of 99.94, noone else even comes close.

Who is best batsman of test cricket?

technically the best ever test cricket batsman was don bradman the prson with the most ever test centurys was jack hobbs. Brian Lara got the highest individual score at 400 not out

If bradman is the best batsman who is the best bowler?

Muttiah Muralitharan is the world best bowler

How many times did don bradman captain australia?

Australian batsman Don Bradman captained Australia on 24 occasions in Test matches, scoring a second-ball duck in his second innings as captain.

Who is the 20th century's best batsman?

Sir Donald Bradman - by a long shot.

Why don bradman was important to Australia people?

Because he was a good batsman and a good person on the field as well as off the field

Why is don bradman still remembered today?

No doubt,he is a one of the great batsman in the world. he scored 6996 runs with an average of 99.96.