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Q: Straight downhill ski run for high speed skiing?
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A straight downhill run for high speed skating?


What is high speed skiing called?

Speed skiing.

What is another word for alpine?

"Alpine" means of, relating to or inhabiting mountains, or, with regard to skiing, the branches of skiing incorporating slalom and downhill - in comparison with Nordic skiing.

Why are ski poles bent?

According to Wikipedia: Some racers in the high speed skiing disciplines (Giant Slalom, Super Giant Slalom, downhill, speed skiing) use curved poles that are bent to shape around their bodies while they are in a tuck position, in order to minimize air drag.

Where is Wachusett Mountain Ski resort located?

Wachusett Mountain Ski Resort is located at 41 Mile High Road, Westminster, Massachusetts, 01473. They offer downhill skiing, cross country skiing and snowboarding.

Is nordic skiing more dangerous than alpine skiing?

It really depends on whether your talking about in the Olympics or referring to Nordic skiing as cross country skiing. Nordic events Ski jumping: is quite dangerous, but due to the steepness of the landing area, is not as dangerous as you might think. Cross country skiing: carries very little dangers. Combined event: carries the same dangers above. Alpine events such as the slalom, downhill event, super giant slalom ect...... Often feature high speed crashes, this is very likely to injure any skier, so i would say that alpine skiing is more dangerous.

Who plays skiing the best?

By country or individual? Downhill or cross country? If it is extreme sports, high speed downhill skiing, in this category while I could be wrong, believe it not the USA is numero uno. When it comes to the variety of events, acrobatic, standard downhill, obstacles etc, America has won more skiing events than any other country. However,when it comes to cross country, the people who invented it, namely Norway, are still the king. Nobody, out-cross-country skis Norway. Also, no, a Nordic track doesn't count; cross country skiing let me warn you now is a physically brutal sport. It will push your limits all across the board, and toughen you up mentally. In fact, far as winter sports go it is probably the king when it comes to building up mental toughness.

What kind of skiing can you do?

There are two basic types of skiing - downhill, and cross country, also known as Nordic skiing. Downhill skiing relies on gravity. The skier starts from a high point and skis to a lower point. It is very difficult to progress on a flat surface or, even worth, go up hill. Skiers can achieve very high speeds, as fast as 70 KPH and more. Downhill skis are wide, the boots are very stiff and hold the leg motionless, and the bindings bind the boots to the skis rigidly. In order to go downhill, one needs to get to a high point, which means that the skier needs to take a ski lift (usually) or a helicopter (if you are very rich). Cross country skiing relies on the skier's muscle power. Most cross country skiing is done on fairly flat surfaces, with a few mild ups and downs. The skies are usually narrow, the boots flexible and the binding allows the skier to lift his heal up from the ski. Cross country ski is a quieter sport, and one of its big advantages is that it can be done anywhere there is snow, including secluded nature spots.

What is the difference between race skis and downhill skis?

Race skis have a more aggressive side cut and they generally have a wider tip for a sharper turning radius. Also the materials used for racing skis tend to be more expensive. The ski is usually a bit lighter and the materials used, built for high speeds and can take a beating. Down hill would be for a recreational use. For some one who just enjoys skiing rather than lives it.

Why are skis flat at the bottom with a sharp edge in the front?

According to Wikipedia: Some racers in the high speed skiing disciplines (Giant Slalom, Super Giant Slalom, downhill, speed skiing) use curved poles that are bent to shape around their bodies while they are in a tuck position, in order to minimize air drag.

Is the respiortaory system used for downhill skiing?

Yes, you do. You use your respiratory system all the time, after all, we do need to breathe. Specifically in skiing, you use it because it does require more effort than you would first assume to ski properly, therefore increasing your rate of respiration. Also, skiing generally takes place at high altitudes, meaning there is less oxygen in the air so you have breathe more and your respiratory system has to work harder.

What type of athletic wear is best for outside activities in cold weather?

The choice of apparel depends on the endeavor. Downhill skiing requires different clothing than, say, snowmobiling or cross-country skiing. In any case, clothing should be trim and well-fitted and made for layering. Combine natural fibers with the high-tech fabrics to stay warm and dry.