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all objects drop at an acceleration of 9.8 m/s/s until it reaches its terminal velocity


Above is true, as far as a ball that is falling- but a Baseball is pitched, and then struck by a bat, and it gets a bit more complex. The ball may have an incoming speed of about 83 mph when it crosses the plate. When struck, it will momentarily distort, and rebound (coefficent of restitution- a batted ball bends and unbends again, returning about 55.5% of the energy) That is added to the acceleration of the ball by the bat. And the type of bat can affect that speed. The upper speed limit seems to be about 122 mph for a major league player with a non-wooden bat. So in a few milliseconds, the ball changes from 83 mph in ONE direction, to as much as 122 mph in the OTHER direction. Each 1 mph increase results in another 4 feet of distance before hitting the ground.

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There is no direction of acceleration due to the friction of you sliding. There is only deceleration.

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it depends on who the pitcher is, what type of pitch and how much movement the pitch has

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Q: Speed of a baseball thrown by a pitcher?
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