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This year's winner will be referred to as 2005 Superbowl champs, due to the fact that the season was played during the 05 calender year.

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Q: Since the NFL season extends over two years for what year does the Super Bowl Champions title apply?
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When have the Dolphins won Super Bowl?

The Dolphins won the Super Bowl capping their undefeated season of 1972-1973. They repeated as champions the next season.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl for the 2008 season?

Yes. The Steelers were the champions for the 2008 season. They won Super Bowl XLIII on February 1, 2009.

Were the Indianapolis Colts considered the 2006 Super Bowl champions?

Yes, they were. The Indianapolis Colts were crowned NFL champions for the 2006 season. Super Bowl XLI was played on February 4, 2007.

Who were the Super Bowl champions in 1995?

The Dallas Cowboys were the 1995 season champions. They defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17 in Super Bowl XXX on January 28, 1996.

What 2 teams won the Super Bowl but were not the Champions?

All teams that have won the Super Bowl have become world champions. Since the 1970 merger of the National Football League and the American Football League, the Super Bowl winners have been considered NFL champions.

Which Super Bowl champions had a losing record the previous season?

The 2001 New England Patriots

Who will be winner of clt20?

winner of champions league 2009 season->New South Wale Blues winner of champions league 2009 season->Chennai Super Kings

What are the numbers for Super Bowls 2004 2005 and 2006?

The Super Bowl that was played to decide the 2004 Champions (New England Patriots) was Super Bowl XXXIX (39), The 2005 Champions (Pittsburgh Steelers) was Super Bowl XL (40), and the 2006 Champions (Indianapolis Colts) was Super Bowl XLI (41). When declaring a Super Bowl champion for a season, it is when the season started, not the year the game was played. Even though the Super Bowls were played the following year in either January or February.

What team holds the title Super Bowl Champions for the 2009 season?

The New Orleans Saints are in the record book as the 2009 Super Bowl Champions, even though they played on February 7, 2010. For example, the Pittsburgh Steelers won their title game on February 1, 2009, but are recognized as the 2008 Super Bowl Champions.

What NFL team defeated the Super Bowl champions twice in the same season?

Redskins (2011) beat the Giants.

Who are the 2010 Super Bowl champions?

The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl on February 7, 2010. They were the 2009 Super Bowl champions. The 2010 champions will be decided on February 6, 2011.

Is the Super Bowl part of the playoffs?

Yes, it is the final game of the playoffs and is the league championship game. Whichever team wins the Super Bowl is crowned NFL champions for the season.

Which is More watched- champions league or Super Bowl?

The champions league!

Who won the 1935 Super Bowl?

The first Superbowl was not played until 1967 (1966 season). In 1935, the NFL Champions were the Detroit Lions

Who were the 1978 Super Bowl champions?

The Steelers defeated the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII on January 21, 1979 to become the 1978 Super Bowl Champions.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl in 1979?

Yes. The Steelers won Super Bowl XIII, which was played on January 21, 1979. They were also the Super Bowl champions for the 1979 season, winning Super Bowl XIV on January 20, 1980.

What gift do the Super Bowl champions receive?

a super bowl ring

The NY Giants are this years National League Champions. In what year was the last time they held this honor?

The last time, prior to winning Super Bowl XLII, that the Giants won the Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXV (1990 season).

Is a Super Bowl the same as a championship?

Yes, it is a championship game. The winners are declared the Super Bowl champions as well as being declared their conference champions.

How many champions have the browns won?

The Cleveland Browns have not won a Super Bowl or even been to a Super Bowl. Have not even been the AFC champions.

When was the last time the forty niners won a super bowl?

As of the 2010 NFL season, they have not won a Super Bowl since 1994 (Super Bowl XXIX).

How many teams are currently in the NFL?

The NFL currently has 32 teams. A season sees 6 teams make it to the playoffs to compete to be the champions of the Super Bowl.

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers play in the Super Bowl for the 1974 season?

On January 12, 1975, the Steelers defeated the Minnesota Vikings 16-6 in Super Bowl IX. The Steelers were crowned the 1974 NFL champions.

Who was the 2009 Super Bowl champions?


Is it Super Bowl champs or world champs?

I'm pretty sure its both. I've heard them call it world champions and super bowl champions on sportscenter but i couldn't figure out which one it was. But i just call it super bowl champs but.... i have heard it on sportcenter called world champions.