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Any young child should be encouraged to take part in sports, it helps start a healthy fit life style and can establish the importance of team work as well as countless other benefits

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Q: Should young girls be encouraged to take part in sports?
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Why Young Girls Should Be Involved in Sports?

Sports are a great way for young girls to learn the value of working together on a common goal through teamwork. They learn what it takes to succeed and they learn good sportsmanship. Studies show that girls that are involved in sports work better in teams, perform better in school, are healthier and communicate well with others. Additional benefits for girls involved in sports include the likelihood that they will go on to college after graduating high school. They are less likely to do drugs or smoke. They are also less likely to get pregnant at a young age and more likely to delay having sex. Girls that are involved in sports have higher self-esteem and more focus on what they want to do with their lives. There are many ways parents can encourage their daughters in their chosen sport. Take her outside to practice throwing a ball. Rather than focusing on so-called girl gifts, buy her sports equipment for birthdays and holidays. Be sure to show up to all or as many of her games as possible. This shows support and interest in what she is doing. Parental involvement is invaluable. There are many different types of sports girls can become involved in, whether individual or team sports. Some of the top ones for girls are gymnastics, soccer, dance, softball or t-ball, basketball and tennis. Other ones to consider include swimming, equestrian, golf or skiing. Have your daughter try out several while she is young to determine which she likes best. As she grows, she will find the sport or sports that suit her best and she can focus on growing her talent in those areas.

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