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Q: Should you wear your heart monitor while playing a basketball tourney?
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Should I play basketball in the playoffs or spend the night at my friend's house?

depends on how far you are in the tourney... If you aren't a starter, or get little playing time, go to the sleepover.

Should you get a PC monitor or a TV for playing a Ps3?

an hdtv of course.

Should you wear a jock?

If your playing soccer, hockey, basketball or baseball you have to.

Should you wear a mouth guard when playing basketball with braces?

No, it won't do much.

What is a good song to listen to when playing basketball?

None you should be into the game not a song ...

What should you wear to basketball practice?

Basketball shorts and all; everything you'd wear, as if you're playing a championship, you want to wear the best you can.

What should you get your basketball coach?

You should get your basketball coach a Basketball because they love Basketball

How tall will be if my mom is 5'7 and my dad is 6'7?

at least 6ft. u should be playing basketball.

How long should you wait to play basketball after getting stitches?

If it doesn't affect you playing, than it should be okay just to be careful on it.

Why should you keep the monitor's surface clean?

Why should you keep the monitor's surface clean

How much does a NBA basketball weigh?

Found on wikipedia: There are also regulations on the size a basketball should be. If women are playing the offical basketball size is 28.5" in circumference (size 6) and a weight of 20 oz. If men are playing the officall basketball, by comparison, is a bit bigger, 29.5" (size 7) and a weight of 22 oz.

What to eat before basketball games?

Before playing basketball, eating a light meal of fruits, nuts, and protein will be beneficial to the player. A person should make sure to stay hydrated. Hydration is very important therefor should be done before, during, and after playing any sport.

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