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no, who really cares

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โˆ™ 2012-08-20 03:06:15
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Q: Should you give more coverage to the paralympics why or why not?
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What happens in the paralympics?

there are sports, opening and closing ceremony and the athletes medals and lots more info. you should also go on wikipedia and it will show a page about the paralympics if it helps. =)

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Depending on the coverage you want, boat insurance can give you liability coverage (like what you have for your car). But boat insurance is much more complicated. You can get coverage for towing, salvage, and personal property, there is also protection against uninsured boaters, weather damage, fire damage. You can (and should) get you motor covered.

does medicare over coverage for quiting smoking?

Typically Medicare does not have this type of coverage under its policy. You should find out more information about this from your local Medicare provider.

What sports are there in the Paralympics?

loads like gymnastics,swimming,cycling loads more

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How many people participate in the paralympics?

more than a 1000 people Tim sol

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Should they do it?

You will have to give us a little more information than 'should they do it?' Please post below and give more details. Thank you

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tinted moisturizer is exactly what it says, a tinted, skin coloured moisturizer, so it isnt really going to give you a lit of coverage. Depending on what type and brand of foundation you get, that will be the base of your coverage. For more coverage and 'cake face' you can add a powder over the top. Just make sure its not translucent, and then you'll get a nice coverage :)

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