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If the fake Wrestling you are refering to is pro wrestling then the answer is yes. Pro wrestling generates a large audience, just ask USA as they televise WWE Raw. People love watching pro wrestling because it is athletic theater. I'll tell you what should be allowed on TV: Poker! Why the HECK are poker tournaments broadcasted on TV?! Well that is my opinion...

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Q: Should fake wrestling be allowed on TV?
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What are opinions on whether professional wrestling should be real or fake?

Most of the wrestling that you see on TV, namely WWE, is fake. That's why it's called World Wrestling Entertainment. There are writers that come up with the matches, the results, and side stories.

Is wretiling fake?

If you mean the stuff they show on TV Yes a lot of it should be taken with a sense of humour. However there is also real wrestling as done in the Olympic games.

If wrestling is fake why is it so popular?

Television wrestling is viewed because some people find entertainment in watching the carefully scripted violence. It should be noted that the intended audience for television wrestling is pre-teen, teen, and young men who are yet unable to mature beyond puberty also Americans are Gullable!

Is the WWE wrestling entertainment fake?

Yes sir it is fake But there might be fights that are not fake. Ones that aren't advertised on TV before it comes. NO THERE ARE ALL FAKE There is a difference between scripted and fake, the storyline is scripted the actual wrestling moves are real and they do hurt. They are trained to do the moves with the least amount of injuries.

Is wrestling real or just an entertainment?

It's all scripted. I still wouldn't call it fake. The pain is real, and it takes a lot to be a wrestler. Wrestling is as fake as everything else you can watch on TV. For instance a movie. A movie is (usually) not a true story; it's made up, but you still watch it, don't you? Wrestling is an entertainment, in fact the best entertainment ever made, but that doesn't mean you should call it fake.

What are some lasting elements of the greco-roman culture?

Wrestling. (Not that fake junk on TV.)

How many people out of ten believe that wrestling is fake?

wrestling can be about 50% to 80% fake determining what kind! If it's a circuit or local wrestling chances are they're really injuring each other, but smackdown and raw wrestling (TV viewed) have scripts to make there show more interesting! As with any organized wrestling sport (exept school wrestling) the winner is pre determined to insure the two people fighting don't seriously injure each other trying to win. So yes I think TV wrestling is fake in most way's but in TV wrestling and local circuit wrestling, they are trained to make sure there moves don't break bones! They have loads of practice perfecting there tricks so that they don't screw up and put someone in a wheelchair for the rest of there life. There is always realism in wrestling even if it's just 2 kids pretending to wrestle outside, there will always be moments when someone actually hits one another!

Do police really arrest wrestlers in shows?

If a wrestler gets arrested on TV during a wrestling program most likely it's fake.

Is WWE and all wrestling fake?

Very much so, WWE wrestling is FAKE. The fights are staged and the wrestlers are trained to perform the moves so that they don't hurt Pro wrestling is more scripted than fake as a lot of wrestlers and Divas really do get hurt. All matches are usually have pre-determine outcomes but there are occasional last minute changes to the outcome of matches. Wrestler Sid Vicious broke his leg, Triple H and Kevin Nash torn quadricep muscles all on national tv so it not always fake.

When was Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV created?

Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV was created on 2003-08-03.

Why do people find wrestling so good when it is so fake?

Just because something is fake does not make it bad. There are hundreds of fictional shows on TV that people enjoy watching. Its like kids at a magic show ... magic is just an allousion.

Why do people like wrestling even if its fake?

Firstly, not all wrestling is fake. That's a silly little myth. For the wrestling that may be fake, people enjoy it because it is a simple preference. That's is like asking why people enjoy cartoons, some reality tv, or Horror Films, although they know they are fake. It's a simple preference. It is drama and violence. Its a violent soap opera. ANSWER not all wrestling is fake,i mean in WWE finlay cant do Celtic cross without hurting them. And anyway all the fake wrestling is fun to watch and they probably don't know or believe its fake. ANSWER When Rey Mystrio does the 619 or when Kane and Undertaker chokeslame people. That's not fake. who could that stop that? ANSWER Wrestlers on TV such as WWE, they are simply stage fighting. that is no more real than when a movie star does an action stunt and hurts himself. simply because the pain and the injury is real, does not make what he did in the stunt real. even if it is as simple as doing a jump off a table on to someone, the table is probably cut in a special way, the actors and stunt men and wrestling stage fighters are all trained how to do these things on stage while causing minimal injury. Just because u take injury does not make something real. this is why yes all the wrestling is fake, even the undertakers chokeslame, that is a special move that is practiced over and over by the stage fighters so they do not actually injure people too much, the amount they are injured is less then they would be if the fighting was real, which means the fighting is fake, no matter how you look at it. all wrestling that is not a proper competitions similar to that of Olympic Wrestling, and you have a large audience that are entertained by you, then it is simply stage fighting, which means fake fighting.the winner of a wwe or similar wrestling match is pre-determined, this disqualifies it from being any kind or type of competitive sport or competition, which would defeat the whole purpose of fighting each other, there for its fake.

Should young people be allowed to have tv in there own room?

yes they be allowed

Should TV be allowed?


Does WWE wrestlers fude are fake?

The feuds are fake. They even will break into houses to try to make you believe they're real feud's. They all do it to make WWE real. They also would join WWE to get money for their social lives. And plus, have you ever heard of a wrestling robbery that is on TV. It's all fake.

Is monday night raw Friday night smackdown and ecw fake or real?

It's fake in the sense that it has a storyline, just like any episodic tv show. But, as far as the wrestling that takes place in the ring, that is very much real. Or else why would these superstars have to train?

Should cursing be allowed on daytime television?


Is wrestling a work?

Professional wrestling that you see on tv yes, Olympic wrestling no

Tna wrestling on Oman TV?

TNA Wrestling is on TV on Tuesday's and Thursday's

Indian tv syas wrestling is fake show these videos?

wrestlers put thear lives health livelihod on the line every night for us . the amount of pain that they take can not be compair to any other things

Should woman be allowed to preach on tv?

Yes (my opinion)

In wrestling-what does RAW mean?

Raw is a tv show for wrestling

Is TV allowed in Islam?

Yes of course, TV is allowed in Islam. However, it is not allowed to watch sexy movies or sexy episodes that are not allowed in Islam. In addition, watching TV should not distract the Muslim from practicing the ritual worships and/or doing good deeds for other needy people.

How do you use the word wrestling in a sentence?

i was watching wrestling on tv yesterday.

Do real men wrestle?

Yes they do, both real wrestlers and fake ones (the ones you see on tv) are men not to be tested. They both have strength, discipline, mobility, and heart. Wrestling is the hardest sport bar none and is not to be taken lightly.