Should boxing be banned

Updated: 10/22/2022
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No, I don't think that boxing should be banned even though it is a vicious sport and is the cause of many deaths and fatal injuries. Why ban boxing when it's YOUR CHOICE to watch it or not, it also is the boxers choice to go into the ring. Nobody physically forced him to participate, so why bother making a fuss that is basically nothing to do with you... You are not being injured and you are not in the ring.

Taking away boxing would shatter boxers' (or people who one day aspire to be a boxer) dreams, as it may be the only thing they are good at. Also, if you take away boxing this would not be a democratic society and would take away the entertainment some people find in watching the sport.

It is a sport that requires skill, stamina and self discipline. It is also a sport which provides opportunities for people who have not done well at school and keep young people of the streets doing drugs, doing things that are anti-social. Take Amir khan for instance he has a positive influence on boxing.

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Yes, because people might get hurt.

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Boxing should not be banned because people have fun watching it. If boxing ends people will be bored. Also, boxers will have no jobs.

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look the people who do boxing must understand the risks they are taking just like in any other sport but you see many people do not see this discipline that is needed if you play a sport i can almost guarantee that at some point you will get injured so i think that you cannot ban boxing because it would unemploy many it will take joy from many people and if you ban boxing you should ban lots of other sports too but that wont happen any time soon.

Hope this answered it well :)

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Q: Should boxing be banned
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