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Tom would choose Gymnastics if he wasn't a Diver.

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Q: What sport would Tom Daley play if he didn't dive?
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What is Tom Daley's personal best dive?

Tom Daley's favourite dive is the front 4.5 somersaults with tuck, 109C.

What was Tom Daley's highest dive?


What time does Tom Daley dive?

20.30 tonight.

How are Tom Daley and dolphins the same?

Maybe, because they both can dive !

Who encouraged Tom Daley to dive?

His Dad, family and Andy Banks his trainer.

What does Tom Daley look for in a girl And what type of girl does he go for?

One that can dive

Which Country does Tom Daley dive for?

England and Great Britain depending on which events he is at.

When will Tom Daley compete at the Olympics?

Tom will dive in the finals tonight on 11th August 2012.

What year has Tom Daley dive?

Tom first competed in the Olympics during 2008 when he was 14.

What inspired Tom Daley to dive?

At the age of 7 Tom was inspired by the high divers at his swimming club in Plymouth.

What does Tom Daley like to do?

Tom Daley likes to dive in competitions. He likes to go on holiday with his family, visit relatives, travel the world, etc. He wants to be a TV presenter on 'Blue Peter' later on.

What did Tom Daley do as a child?

He went swimming with his dad at Plymouth. in the Summer at the beach. He learnt to dive at aged 7. From then on he has performed in competitions.

What inspiered Tom Daley to dive?

Watching athletes diving from the 10 meter platform at his swimming pool when he was 7-years-old.

Were will you find dive in Pokemon emerald?

you get from the gym leader in mossdeep city NO YOU DONT I WENT THERE AND I BEAT THE TWINS I DIDNT GET DIVE

Did Tom Daley like diving as a child?

Yes ! At 7-years-old he wanted to dive after watching others competing at his local pool.

What diving sport is the least dangerous?

the one where you don't dive

How can you dive to the Lusitania?

No Specialized gear is needed to dive to the depths where the Lusitania rests. At 450 feet the wreck is not available to sport divers.

How is sport education?

Sport teaches you how to run, catch, dive, swim, basically anything. So if you watch it, it will help you learn more

What clubs did Tom Daley dive for?

Tom is a member of Plymouth Diving Club, his first and only club. They dive at Central Park Pool, Plymouth, a swimming and diving pool, which is to be replaced by the new 'Plymouth Life Centre', which should be completed by November 2011.

What height does Tom Daley dive from?

He normaly dives from 10m meter platform. He does both single and syncro. In minor compotitions he will sometime compete in syncro 3m springboard

What age should you start to dive if you want to be in the Olympics?

Well, Tom Daley started diving at 8, but I suppose if you train enough, you could become good enough!

To get Dive in EMERALD you go to the top floor of the space station and find team magma people but you didnt so what gives?

go to Stevens house and he'll reward you with the HM dive

Is diving a timed sport in the Olympics?

Each diver has 2 min per dive to perform a dive. After that, it is considered a failed dive and no score is received. However, pretty much every diver makes it in that time unless they have a fear of the dive and don't feel ready to complete it.

How does Tom Daley train?

Tom trains every day by diving into the pool. He has different twists and turns, somersaults and heights to dive. He also uses a trampoline to practise when not in the pool.

What is the difference between a breaststroke dive and a butterfly dive?

There is no difference in a breastroke dive and butterfly dive; dives are the same. The only difference is that after diving, for butterfly, you would do dolphin kick. You would do breastroke kick for breastroke.