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If it is a matter of cost, you have to weight how much fun you have with paintball vs how much more it costs, and if you have the time to play either. If it is not, you should play both.

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Q: Should I go from full time airsoft to part time with Paintball?
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Does the extreme rage xray v2.0 paintball mask protect against airsoft?

Paintball lenses are rated much higher then airsoft lenses are. However your grill (the part over your nose and mouth) might have slots and holes that an airsoft pellet can get through.

Is double eagle m85 airsoft gun electric airsoft electric gun part metal?

it depends on what type of double eagle m85 you buy. I bought a full metal one and it works great.

What are the part on a paintball gun package?

Rephrase this.

Your clutch part on your bb gun is broke but you dont know how to fix it what should you do?

Take it to an airsoft shop and see if they can help you.

What is the hopper on a paintball gun?

The hopper is the part that sits on top of the paintball gun, holding the paintballs and feeding them into the gun.

Are airsoft grenades reusable?

Most airsoft grenades are usually reusable but have to have a part (In most cases, the part of the grenade that makes a noise or action) after using it. It will all depend of which grenade.

Where are the closest airsoft store in Michigan?

Please clarify what part of Michigan.

What kind of sport does paintball qualify for?

paintball is considered an extreme sport, due to the fact that people being hit and caused pain is part of the game.

What part keeps your air tank on a paintball gun?

the ASA (air source adapter)

How do you fix your Crosman pulse r76 airsoft gun?

depends on which part needs fixed

Where did Heath Ledger's character take Julie Styles' character on their date?

He took her paintballing at Gasworks Park, Seattle! However, the hay & paintball was a part of the set. The real park does not have paintball.

Is there any paintball fields that have airplanes as part of a scenario game?

Yes i know one in finmere, oxfordshire. The company is called skirmish paintball games. They have a few planes but they aren't the biggest.

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