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Yes, athletes are on a scholarship to play sports. That's there main purpose of being there.

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Q: Should College Athletes be exempted from normal class attendance policies?
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Should college athletes be exempted from normal class policies?

This question has some very differing opions. I'm torn on which I think. Part of me says yes, and another part of me says no.

Should college athletes be paid to play?

ABSOLUTELY not! College athletes are classified as "amateur" athletes.

How many high school athletes play in college?

0. college athletes play in college

Do college athletes get paid?

No. It is illegal is some sports for College athletes to get paid.

Regulations of speaking to college athletes?

There aren't regulations of speaking to college athletes.

Does perfect attendance help you get into college?


Can you go to class with a college athlete?

Yes, college athletes attend class with non athletes.

Why is attendance important in college?

cause it is :) Blender :)

What University has the top 10 on campus attendance records for college baseball attendance?

Mississippi State

How do you write application for college attendance?

You write applications for college attendance by submitting the traditional or standard application for the specific college that you are applying to you. You submit transcripts, essays and letters of recommendation.

Who was exempted from Vietnam draft?

College students were the largest and most common groups.

What school has the lowest attendance in college football?


Can college athletes have jobs?


Why should college athletes get paid?

If you think about it, they do. Most college athletes are on full scholarships which is basically like getting paid.

Who was exempted from conscription in the Vietnam war?

College Students and physically/Mentally unfit men.

What team has the best attendance in college basketball?

Kentucky Wildcats

What percent of college athletes are freshman?


Are college athletes provided with premium parking?


How many college athletes drop out?

a lot

Can college athletes be on television shows?


Can college athletes be in tv commercials?


What is the average attendance at a football game?

The average attendance in a football game depends on the specific game. College games typically have higher attendance than high school games.

Can you be in band and choir in college?

That depends on the policies in place at your college.

What is the percent of college athletes make it professionally?

1/5 of 1% of athletes many it to the pros.

What percentage of Davidson College students are student athletes?

7% of attendees of Dividson are student athletes