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a underhand pass is served with the heel of your hand in volleyball

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Q: Serve with the heel of the hand in volleyball is called?
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What do you do you to serve with the heel of the hand?

Serving with the heal of your hand gives you the most control and hurts the least.

What is an underhad serve?

the underhand serve is good for begginers to use. It is simply another way of getting the ballover the net. The ballis held in one hand and hit by the heel of the other hand. The underhand serve is genarally not as effective as the overhand serve.

What is the underhand serve in volleyball?

The underhand serve is a good serve for beginners to use. It is simply another way of getting the ball over the net. The ball is held in one hand and hit by the heel of the other hand. The underhand is the serve that is generally not as effective as the overhand serve.

Heel of hand placement for CPR?

The heel of the hand should be in the middle of the sternum.

Who invented the gme of volleyball?

William G. Morgan was the man who invented volleyball. If that is all you want to know about volleyball, exit out. If you want to learn more, keep reading. Morgan used four different sports-basketball, baseball, handball and tennis to invent volleyball. He invented the game because he believed basketball was too rough for businessmen. There are two different kinds of volleyball-indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. Indoor volleyball was first introduced to the Olympics in the 1890s. Beach volleyball was introduced in the Olympics about four years later. An ace is when team one hits the ball and the other team fails to retrieve it. A server is at the back left corner. They hold the ball with their non-dominant hand and then hit it with their dominant hand. Make sure your dominant hand is in a fist, and try to always hit the ball with the heel of the hand.

Whose name means He who grasps the heel?

Answer: Jacob. From Genesis 25:26- 'And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau's heel; and his name was called Jacob:'

How do you do a heel strech?

a heel stretch is a cheerleading move where you life your foot up and off to the side holding your heel with your hand.

Why is the tendon above the heel called the Achilles heel?

It was named after the hero "Achilles", who was killed when an arrow penetrated his heel.

Why is a weak point called an Achilles Heel?

Achilles is a famous greek warrior and his only weak spot was his heel. that's why its called an Achilles heel. it means a weak spot.

Walking on your heels is called what?

Walking on your heels is called heel-first walking or heel-toe walking. This is the natural way in which humans walk as the heel touches the ground first.

Heel and toe polka dance steps?

To summarize:Heel, toe, heel, toe.Slide, slide, slide, slide.Heel, toe, heel, toe.Slide, slide, slide, slide.Right hand clap, left hand clap,Both hands clap, clap on lap.Swing your partner 'round.

What is the heel of a shoe called?

i think its called a tread