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Q: School with the most division 1 football wins?
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Most NCAA division 1 football wins since 1990?


Most wins division 2 football?

Pittsburg State University (Kansas) has the most with 639 wins as of Sept. 4 2010.

What team is the All time division three football leader in wins?

With an overall record is 697 wins, 345 losses and 31 ties, Wittenberg has the most wins of any NCAA Division III football program in history

Which NCAA Division team has the most bowl wins in college football?

Notre Dame

Which team has the most wins in NCAA Division 1 football since 1969?


Does the team with the most overall divisional wins in there division win the division even if they have less total wins than another team in there division?

In the national football league, the team with the most wins overall wins In major league baseball, the team with the most wins overall wins In the national basketball association, the top three teams from each division get the top 3 seeds, then the following best records get into the playoffs in order of wins. In college football, the team with the most DIVISIONAL technically wins, although they play the team in their division with the second most divisional wins in a "championship game". Although it should be stated that they are call conferences i.e. Pac 10 Conference, Big 10 Conference

What NCAA Division 1A football team has the most wins since 2001?

University of southern California

Which NCAA division 1A team has most consecutive wins at home in college football?

Boise State

What coach has the most wins in football history?

Summerville High School football coach John Mckissick

What high school football team has the most wins in Michigan?


Most wins high school football coach Oklahoma?

Joe tunnel

Does Liverpool belong in the fa premier league?

As they are the record holders for most first division wins in the English Football Association... no.