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Jelavic, Naismith. Davis, Maloney, fortune , Danny fox, arteta, Caldwell, Adams, cueller, Hutton... Any others anyone????

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here are some...dagleish,souneses,larson

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Q: Rangers and Celtic players that have won the English league?
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Why aren't rangers and Celtic in the English football league?

Because they are Scottish not English.

Who has won more league titles have Celtic or rangers?

Celtic,42 Rangers,52

Out of rangers and Celtic who has won the league most?


Are rangers better than Celtic?

Glasgow rangers have won more trophies than their nearest rivals.

Can Rangers win the league?

No Rangers will not win the Scotish title as Celtic are ahead of them.

Who has won the most Old firm games Rangers or Celtic?

Celtic :D its actually rangers :-) !

Players who have played for Celtic who have scored hatricks in the English premier league?

Jalraldo Goudi scored 2 hatricks during his career with Celtic in the English Premier Leage. hope i helped!

Which English team plays in the scottish league?

Gretna used to play in England till it got entered into the scottish football league, where it went bust. Berwick Rangers are on the England/Scotland border but play in Scotland.

How many Celtic players have won champions league after leaving Celtic?


What European competitions do Glasgow Celtic play in?

Both Celtic and Glasgow Rangers play in the Scottish league.

Who were the winners of the Scottish league in 1980?

Celtic won the Scottish League Cup in 1971.

What American Soccer players play in the Scottish Premier League?

DaMarcus Beasley - Rangers - 2007-2010Alejandro Bedoya - Rangers - 2011-2012Carlos Bocanegra - Rangers - 2011-2013Dominic Cervi - Celtic - 2008-2012Maurice Edu - Rangers - 2008-2012Claudio Reyna - Rangers - 1998-2002