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Both Celtic and Glasgow Rangers play in the Scottish league.

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Q: What European competitions do Glasgow Celtic play in?
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Why was Glasgow Celtic football ground called parkhead?

parkhead is the place in Glasgow where Celtic play

What two teams play in Glasgow?

Glasgow Rangers and Celtic F.C.

Did bent martin play for Glasgow Celtic?

I understand he played one Glasgow Cup tie against Queens Park.

Who is the most famous british football team who play in green and white?

Glasgow Celtic.

Who was the first African born player to play for Glasgow Celtic?

Jorge cadette. He played for Portugal but was born in Africa.

Which two football teams play in the 'Old Firm' derby?

The "Old Firm" derby is played between Glasgow Rangers and Celtic.

Can Cardiff play in Europe?

If they qualify for any of the European competitions by winning a trophy that entitles them to do so, then yes they can.

What football ground does Glasgow Rangers play at?

They play in Glasgow, Scotland at Ibrox Stadium.

Why does Israel play in European football leagues?

For political reasons and fallouts with the Asian countries, Israel is member of the UEFA rather than AFC and hence participates in European Competitions.

How many football teams in Glasgow?

4 is the answer, 5 if you still include Clyde. Celtic, Rangers, Partick thistle & Queens Park. Clyde are a glasgow team but now play from the town of Cumbernauld. These are the league teams, but there are many more in other divisions.

What do the colors blue and green mean to Scotland?

I can only assume that you mean blue and green with regards to certain football (soccer) teams. Glasgow Rangers play in blue shirts while Glasgow Celtic play in green and white hoops. This doesn't actually mean much outside of Glasgow. Even in Glasgow among supporters of Partick Thistle and Queen's Park (Glasgow's other football clubs) blue and green mean not a lot. They are only colours after all. But it's the conotations.

Who is the only player to have played in Everton v Liverpool Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspurs Glasgow Celtic v Glasgow Rangers Manchester United v Manchester City Newcastle United v Sunderland?

Paul Stewart Did Stewart play in the Glasgow Derby? No. He never played for either of the old firm clubs

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