Are rangers better than Celtic

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Glasgow rangers have won more trophies than their nearest rivals.

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Q: Are rangers better than Celtic
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Are Celtic better then rangers?

No Celtic are not better than Rangers rangers are better than celtic.

Is Rangers a better team than Celtic?

Celtic are a better side than Rangers, Rangers are a dirty team, but Celtic are just Brilliant

Are Celtic better than Rangers?

Celtic and Rangers are both good but usually in the Scottish league Celtic do better than Rangers but Rangers occasionally come out on top.

Is Celtic better than rangers?


Is rangers better than Celtic?

Matter of opinion.

Is Celtic or rangers better?

its definitely Celtic but rangers only have more trophies because there older that Celtic but Celtic are so much better now a days

Who is Going to win the spl this year Rangers or Celtic?

It's reallyy tough, but, as I like Celtic better than Rangers, I'm gonna have to go with Celtic. ( I said this cos' the Celitc won 3 of their last 4 meetings when Rangers and Celtic have played)

Who is king Celtic fc or rangers fc?

Rangers fc they have won more cups and Celtic fans are more aggresive than rangers I figured I dont support any football team but Rangers are better.

What football team is better Rangers or Celtic?

As Rangers have won more titles they are better.

Who had the better average attendance - Rangers in the 1980s or Celtic in the 1990s?


Was Celtic founded before Rangers?

Celtic was founded in 1887, whereas Rangers were founded in 1873.Therefore Rangers are 14 years older than Celtic.

Who has the most supporters out of rangers and Celtic?

Rangers have traditionally always had more supporters than Celtic. Celtic are one of the best supported clubs in the world, they definitely have a bigger following than Rangers..

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