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type it in on YouTube

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Q: Pump up songs before basketball games?
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If before a basketball game the ref uses an air pump to inflate the basketball is it a chemical or physical change?

chemical change

How do you pump up a basketball?

With a basketball pump. You just put the needle in the hole and push down on the pump. See. easy!!

Are you allowed to pump fake then move in basketball?

it all depends if moved both feet and if you dribbled before. if not then yes.

Does a microwave pump up a basketball?

no it does not

What do you use to put air in a basketball?

A pump

Is shooting three baskets considered a game of basketball?

If Ur Playing Up To Three Points But there are many other games like break the ice, 21, Basketball pump, AND MUCH MORE

What songs do the Pittsburgh Penguins play during games. I am looking for the Rock songs that they use to pump up the crowd?

I have heard a couple songs such as Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, and Assassin by Muse played there many times.

How do you attach a basketball inflation needle to a pump?

Screw it in using the threads on the needle and pump.

How do you check the psi of a basketball?

The gauge on your pump, if you have one.

What does a basketball need that is 4-letters long?


Can you over pump a basketball?

Yes you can over pump a basketball i have lost quite a few that way. When they are over pumped they grow a big bump and they don't bounce as well.

What do you fill a basketball with?

Regular air is perfectly acceptable. To fill it, get a bike pump with a small needle that will fit the small black hole on your basketball and pump air through the tube on the system, through the needle and into the basketball until it is inflated as much as you like. You can buy a bike pump/air pump at almost anywhere including walmart or walgreens.

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