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Q: Prince fielder going to have most RBI's this season?
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What is the least number of RBIs in a season for a 40 HR player?

A followup to my question and the reason for the question: Prince Fielder, after last night's game in which he hit his 23rd HR and produced only his 45th RBI is now on pace to hit 40 HRs this season and have only 78 RBI.

In the American league and national league who leads in RBI?

In 2009 Prince Fielder led the National Legue in RBIs with 141, and Mark Teixeira led the American League with 122.

What is the MLB record for RBIs in a season?

Hack Wilson, with 191 RBIs in 1930.

Who has Most rbis for dodger pitcher in a season?

Don Drysdale, 19 RBIs, 1965

Who had the most rbis in a single season?

Hank Wilson holds the record for most RBIs in a single season with 191, set in 1930.

First batter to reach 175 rbis in a season?

Lou Gehrig with 175 RBIs in 1927.

Who are the 6 active first basemen with over 1000 RBIs?

Helton, Ortiz, Fielder, Pujols, Giambi,

How does a batter get 3 RBIs without hitting a fair ball?

Fielder knocks the ball in fair territory

Who holds the American League record for RBIs in a single season?

Lou Gehrig holds the American League single season record for RBIs with 184 in 1931.

What major league baseball player has the most RBIs in one season since 1950?

Through the 2008 season, that is Manny Ramirez with 165 RBIs in the 1999 season. Manny was playing with the Cleveland Indians that season.

How many RBIs Jackie Robinson had?

In his 10 year MLB career, Jackie Robinson is credited with 734 RBIs in the regular season and 12 RBIs in the World Series.

Who holds the single season record for most postseason RBIs?

Sandy Alomar holds the record for most postseason RBIs in a single season with 19, set in 1997.

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