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Wont be worth anything no a days so many of them where made that they are worthless now

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Q: Price on 1983 titleist 384 tour 100 compression golf ball?
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Is the titleist Pro V1 a 3 or 4 piece golf ball?

The Titleist Pro V 1 is a 3 piece ball. The Titleist Pro V 1x is a 4 piece ball.

Why does wwwpgatourcom only show when players use titleist golf ball?

This is because Titleist has agreements in place with PGATOUR.COM and The Golf channel that they will indicate which players use a Titleist ball.

What does nxt mean on the titleist nxt golf ball?

That is just the name of the ball, the NXT ball is one of Titleist products.

What is a slogan for a golf ball?

its not how you mark your ball, its how you mark your titleist.

What is the favorite golf ball of golfers?

Titleist's ProV1

What is different about Titleist balls than other balls?

The difference between Titleist golf balls and other branded golf balls is simply the amount of dimples the ball has, the Titleist design helps the ball travel through rough and windy weather.

What is the best golf ball for a 10 or lower handicapper?

Titleist has been a trusted ball among many pros in the world. Though many others can say their golfballs are better Titeist has been around long enough to stand on its own among the best

Is there any difference between Titleist golf balls with red markings from those with black markings?

The ones with red numbers are 90 compression, while the ones with black are 100 compression. In other words the black ones are harder than the red ones. 3/17/2010 Conversation with Titleist Ball Plant number 1. There is no difference between the Pro V's red numbered and black numbered balls.

What golf ball is the longest?

It depends on your swing and your equipment as to which ball is longest for you.

What company is leading in golf ball sales in 2012?

The company Titleist is the leader both in golf ball sales and technology. Titleist is a legend in the industry. TaylorMade also gets high marks and is a market leader.

What year was the Titleist Acushnet DT golf ball made?

Acushnet introduced the Dynamite Thread (DT) ball in 1948. The Durable Titleist (DT) ball was introduced in 1974 and had a cut-resistant cover as opposed to the easy to cut balata cover on the pro version.

Who has won with titleist?

Hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of players. On the four major tours each week you would find maybe three of the players won with a Titleist ball.