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Fernando Torres

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Q: Premiership hatricks first game of the season?
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When does afl premiership 2009 come out?

AFL Premiership 2007 was the last edition of the Premiership Edition. There was no AFL game for 2008, although there is a game on PSP called AFL Challenge. The game is based on the 2009 Season.

What premiership player has not missed a game in the 2008 2009 season?

b rad freidl

Who is highest goalscorer in one one English premiership season ever?

in a 38 game season it is Alan Shearer with 31 goals.

Who was the first player to score 4 goals in a premiership game?

Andy cole

Who was the first player to score 5 goals in a premiership game?

Andy cole

Highest points in premiership for runner up?

In a 42-game season: Man Utd 88 points in 1994-95. In a 38-game season: Chelsea 85 points in 2007-08.

Who did Chelsea play in their first premiership game?

Chelsea's first game of the inaugural 1992-93 season was a 1 - 1 draw against Oldham Athletic on August 15, 1992. The team finished the season in eleventh place with an even 14 wins, 14 draws, and 14 losses from 42 games.

Who do Man United have to play after Arsenal?

Their last Premiership game of the season is away at Hull on Sunday 24 May 2009.

Who won the Premiership in the first AFL season?

1897 - the VFL's very first season, did not include a Grand Final. Instead, a round robin series was played, with Essendon becoming the first VFL premiers and Geelong the runner-up. The game did not become a 'national' competition until 1990. The Premiership in that first national season was won by the Collingwood Magpies. It could be said, however, that technically, the winner of the 1st AFL premiership was the North Melbourne Under 19's side in 1990. The Under 19's Grand Final match was traditionally played as the first 'curtain raiser' to the seniors match on the same afternoon.

Does a game of championship football cost cheaper to watch than a game of premiership football?

Yes, the game of championship is cheaper to watch than a game of premiership football. The premiership game of football costs on average four to eight pounds more.

When did the NFL change from a fourteen game season to a sixteen game season?

The first 16 game regular season was in 1978.

Has david kelly and les Ferdinand scored hat tricks in same game?

No, I believe your thinking of the Newcastle-v-Leicester City game on the last day of the 1992/93 season (May the 9th) where it was David Kelly and ANDY COLE who both scored hatricks in a 7-1 victory. This was to be David Kelly's last game for Newcastle as manager Kevin Keegan decided the newly promoted side would be better served in the Premiership with a partnership of Cole and the resigned Peter Beardsley. Les Ferdinand didn't sign for Newcastle until the 1995 season as a replacement for Cole.

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