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It will depend on the circumstances. If this happens in the top of the ninth inning, he will get a save if he retires the remaining batters without giving up a run, but if he gives up one run to tie the game, so that the game is tied in the middle of the ninth, he will get a win if his team gets a run in the bottom of the ninth inning. Peter

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Q: Pitcher leaves game relief pitcher enters with two runners on base and one run lead does relief pitcher get win or save?
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What does it take for a relief pitcher to get the win for the starting pitcher?

If a relief pitcher enters the game with the score tied or his team behind and leaves or ends the game with the lead and his team wins, HE (the relief pitcher) gets the win rather than the starting pitcher. He can also get the win if he enters the game with more than one runner on base and the other team takes the lead based on those runners scoring (the runners already on base are charged to the previous pitcher) as long as he leaves or ends with the lead and his team wins.If the relief pitcher enters the game with his team ahead and the other team never ties the score or gets ahead, then the win goes to the starting pitcher. The relief pitcher is credited with a "save" if he finishes the game without giving up the lead.Also - the starting pitcher has to go 5 innings to get credited with the win.

How do you decide if pitchers get the win or loss or no decision?

If pitchers' team is ahead when he leaves the game (all runners left on base that score, are charged to the pitcher that left them on base), he gets the win. The pitcher must pitch at least 5 innings in a game over 6 innings to get the win. If it is a tie game and the relieving pitcher's team wins, relieving pitcher gets the win. Otherwise he is charged with the loss. If the relieving pitcher's team is winning when he enters as a pitcher and then loses the game, the relieving pitcher is charged with a loss. If the relieving pitcher's team is winning when he enters the game as a pitcher and wins, the relieving pitcher is given a Save.

Pitcher leaves game with one run lead but two runners on base relief pitcher comes in finishes game for win does relief pitcher get a win or save?

He gets a save

If a pitcher leaves the game with the bases loaded and the new pitcher hits the next two batters are the runs counted as earned runs against the first pitcher?

The original pitcher is responisible for any runners left on base when he leaves; so yes he gets the earned runs.

Does the pitcher get the loss if no runs were scored yet?

Yes, if he leaves the game with runners on base (who are not on base due to an error) who come in to score to cause his team to give up the lead, the pitcher who is not on the field gets the loss. He is responsible for those runners. If a pitcher leaves no runners on or exits at then end of a half inning with a tie score, then he will receive a no decision, regardless of the performance of his team afterwards.

Are pitcher plants leaves or flowers?

They are modified leaves

What happens when a pitcher leaves losing but the team wins?

The pitcher will have a "no decision" (neither a win nor a loss). In the case where the pitcher leaves for a pinch hitter, and the team rallies to take the lead and hold it for the remainder of the game, that pitcher would be the winning pitcher, provided he pitched the required 5 innings.

How does a relief picher get a win in baseball?

If the relief pitcher enters the game with his team behind, but leaves with his team leading, then he is eligible for the win. If he does so, but does not close out the game, then the subsequent relievers must maintain the lead in order for the pitcher to be credited with the win.

Can a pitcher re-enter?

If a pitcher leaves the game and is replaced on the line-up (9 men in NL, 10 in AL) no. But a pitcher can be moved to a different position, and return to the pitcher position, so that a different pitcher can face a specific hitter.

How did pitcher plants get there name?

Because of its tubed like leaves

Does the pitcher have to start on the rubber or just end on the rubber?

The pitcher must have both feet on the rubber when receiving her signals and one foot must be in contact with the rubber when the ball leaves the pitcher's hand.

Does anything happen to batters pitch count if you remove pitcher in middle of pitch count?

Yes, the count reverts back to zero if the count is in the favor of the pitcher unless the pitcher leaves injured or is traded!

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