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It will depend on the circumstances. If this happens in the top of the ninth inning, he will get a save if he retires the remaining batters without giving up a run, but if he gives up one run to tie the game, so that the game is tied in the middle of the ninth, he will get a win if his team gets a run in the bottom of the ninth inning. Peter

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Q: Pitcher leaves game relief pitcher enters with two runners on base and one run lead does relief pitcher get win or save?
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What does it take for a relief pitcher to get the win for the starting pitcher?

If a relief pitcher enters the game with the score tied or his team behind and leaves or ends the game with the lead and his team wins, HE (the relief pitcher) gets the win rather than the starting pitcher. He can also get the win if he enters the game with more than one runner on base and the other team takes the lead based on those runners scoring (the runners already on base are charged to the previous pitcher) as long as he leaves or ends with the lead and his team wins.If the relief pitcher enters the game with his team ahead and the other team never ties the score or gets ahead, then the win goes to the starting pitcher. The relief pitcher is credited with a "save" if he finishes the game without giving up the lead.Also - the starting pitcher has to go 5 innings to get credited with the win.

How do you decide if pitchers get the win or loss or no decision?

If pitchers' team is ahead when he leaves the game (all runners left on base that score, are charged to the pitcher that left them on base), he gets the win. The pitcher must pitch at least 5 innings in a game over 6 innings to get the win. If it is a tie game and the relieving pitcher's team wins, relieving pitcher gets the win. Otherwise he is charged with the loss. If the relieving pitcher's team is winning when he enters as a pitcher and then loses the game, the relieving pitcher is charged with a loss. If the relieving pitcher's team is winning when he enters the game as a pitcher and wins, the relieving pitcher is given a Save.

If a pitcher leaves the game with the bases loaded and the new pitcher hits the next two batters are the runs counted as earned runs against the first pitcher?

The original pitcher is responisible for any runners left on base when he leaves; so yes he gets the earned runs.

Pitcher leaves game with one run lead but two runners on base relief pitcher comes in finishes game for win does relief pitcher get a win or save?

He gets a save

Does the pitcher get the loss if no runs were scored yet?

Yes, if he leaves the game with runners on base (who are not on base due to an error) who come in to score to cause his team to give up the lead, the pitcher who is not on the field gets the loss. He is responsible for those runners. If a pitcher leaves no runners on or exits at then end of a half inning with a tie score, then he will receive a no decision, regardless of the performance of his team afterwards.

How does a relief picher get a win in baseball?

If the relief pitcher enters the game with his team behind, but leaves with his team leading, then he is eligible for the win. If he does so, but does not close out the game, then the subsequent relievers must maintain the lead in order for the pitcher to be credited with the win.

What happens when a pitcher leaves losing but the team wins?

The pitcher will have a "no decision" (neither a win nor a loss). In the case where the pitcher leaves for a pinch hitter, and the team rallies to take the lead and hold it for the remainder of the game, that pitcher would be the winning pitcher, provided he pitched the required 5 innings.

Are pitcher plants leaves or flowers?

They are modified leaves

Can a pitcher re-enter?

If a pitcher leaves the game and is replaced on the line-up (9 men in NL, 10 in AL) no. But a pitcher can be moved to a different position, and return to the pitcher position, so that a different pitcher can face a specific hitter.

Does the pitcher have to start on the rubber or just end on the rubber?

The pitcher must have both feet on the rubber when receiving her signals and one foot must be in contact with the rubber when the ball leaves the pitcher's hand.

Does anything happen to batters pitch count if you remove pitcher in middle of pitch count?

Yes, the count reverts back to zero if the count is in the favor of the pitcher unless the pitcher leaves injured or is traded!

Can you steal a base in fastpitch softball?

Yes. You can steal but you may not leave the base until the ball leaves the pitcher's hand as it is pitched. If you leave before the ball leaves the pitcher's hand you will be called out.

How did pitcher plants get there name?

Because of its tubed like leaves

Where does the pitcher plant live in?

Pitcher plants live in peat moss bogs. These bogs are very acidic, and nutrient poor. These are carnivorous plants and capture insects in their fluid filled "pitcher" shaped leaves to obtain nutrients.

How does a pitcher earn a win in baseball?

TO UPDATE THE PERSON'S POST ABOVE: MLB Rules state that a condition for a "save" is that the pitcher is not eligible for a "win". As such, a relief pitcher entering the game prior to the 5th as a reliever would get credit for the win, with no save allocated. If a pitcher pitches 6 innings and leaves the mound with the lead to field another position, then returns in the 9th to close, he remains credited with the win (if his score holds) with no save allocated. As for a team taking the lead with a pinch-hitter for a pitcher, the actual change of pitcher of record does not take effect until the next pitcher "takes the mound". Though the pitcher is removed for a pinch-hitter, the performance of the team will affect his ability to win the game. In other words, if the pitcher leaves the game while his team is on offense with the lead, he can only earn a win or a no decision. If he leaves the game while his team is on offense with a tie or behind, he can win, lose, or have a no-decision, depending on what the score is when the next pitcher takes the mound.

How does a pitcher earn the win starting leaves the game up 4 - 0. releaving pitcher allows 4 runs. we end up winning by 1 run scoring in the 6th. who gets the win?

The winning pitcher is the pitcher of record when the winning run was scored. This could be the relief pitcher even though he gave up four runs, blowing the lead, if said relief pitcher was the pitcher of record when the winning run was scored. The starting pitcher, even though he pitched well in this situation, cannot be credited the win.

Can a runner advance while the pitcher is in the circle with the ball?

The batter must return to the base when the pitcher is in the circle with the ball. However, as soon as the ball leaves the pitcher's hand, the runner may take a lead off or try to steal.

How do you determine the winning pitcher when the starting pitcher leaves before completing the 5th inning?

The win goes to the relief pitcher (assuming there was more than one relief pitcher) whom the official scorer feels was most instrumental in the victory. That relief pitcher must pitch at least 1 full inning, or pitch a crucial out if he pitches less than one inning.

How many innings does a pitcher need to pitch to get win?

A starting pitcher needs to pitch at least 5 innings to get the win. Any subsequent pitcher can get the win even if he only retires one batter (or base runner). If the starting pitcher leaves with the lead but without pitching 5 innings, and his team maintains that lead, the official scorer can decide which pitcher to give the win to.

In fast pitch once the pitcher is in the circle and the ball is in her hands can the runners steal or does she have to be on the mound ASA?

If the runner was not on the base at the time when the pitcher entered the pitching circle they can still steal a base. The runner has a certain amount of time to decide to either steal or return to their original base once the pitcher is in the circle. They cannot rock though, or pretend to go either way and then go the other. Once they commit to one direction they have to go that direction, unless the ball leaves the pitcher's circle again.

What can you find in a pitcher?

A 'pitcher' is another name for a jug and they are usually used to hold liquids. There is also a carniverous 'pitcher plant' which grows liquid filled 'pitchers' on the tips of its leaves. Insects and small amphibians are attracted to and fall in these and are then digested by the plant for the nutrients they provide.

A pitcher leaves a game in sixth inning and game is tied His team goes on to loose Who is charged with the loss?

In the event of a Pitcher leaving a game in the 6th inning and the game is tied, the loss will be credited to the Pitcher that allowed the base runner on base that won the game for the opposing team.

What does the 'H' stand for in the pitcher's box score in baseball?

H is a HoldA Hold is credited any time a relief pitcher enters a game in a Save Situation, records at least one out, and leaves the game never having relinquished the lead. A pitcher cannot finish the game and receive credit for a Hold, nor can he earn a hold and a save. It is shown in the box score in the following way: Name (H, 4)An H could also stand for a hit which would mean the number of hits that a Pitcher had gave up.

If a pitcher pitches 4 and two thirds innings and his team is leading 6 to 0 when he leaves and that's the final score does he get the win?

No, a pitcher needs to pitch 5 complete innings to be a pitcher of record on the winning side. The pitcher who was on the mound when the final out of the 5th inning was recorded would be credited with the Win -- even if he only recorded 1/3 inning

Pitcher plant pitcher tops turning brown?

The leaves may be dying, which is natural. If the leaves are exposed to extreme sunlight, it may be burning. If this is so, allow the plant less extreme light. It depends upon the species; oreophila goes into dormancy relatively early.