Peyton Manning or Tom Brady

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Peyton Manning. He's the only quarter-back that doesn't play with a huddle, he calls the plays at the line right after he reads the defense.

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Peyton Manning all the way!!! Peyton manning is the most underrated player ever. Tom Brady is the most overrated player ever.

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Peyton Manning is better statistically, plus the Colts beat the Patriots. But it's really an opinion thing.

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Q: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady
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Who has the most touch downs in a season Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning has 6 NFL individual records and Tom Brady has 2

Who is better Tom Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady?

peyton manning does referee ads now tom brady for the win!

Who makes more money Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

Peyton manning

Was Tom Brady Peyton Manning's backup?


Who has more passing yards Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?


What is the head to head record of Peyton Manning vs Eli Manning?

Including playoff games, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have dueled 15 times. Manning's victory over Brady in the recent AFC Championship game improved Peytons overall record to five wins, versus 10 losses.

Who has more wins Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Tom Brady does, man you gotta be kiddin me Peyton has nothin on tom. Peyton wishes he could trade places with him.

What were Peyton Manning and Tom Brady's TD and interception stats in 2009?

Peyton Manning - 33 touchdowns 16interceptionsTom Brady - 28 touchdowns 13interceptions

Who is the greatest quarterback other than Peyton Manning?

Tom Brady

Is Peyton Manning paid more than Tom Brady?

Peyton Manning is paid a lot more than tom brady. Peyton Manning signed a 7 year contract in March, 2004 for a reported 99.2 million dollars. That would put his average salary at a little over $14 million dollars. Plus Peyton is on commercials and if you add that to his salary, Peyton Manning gets more money than Tom Brady. tom gets paid way less than peyton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who has the most comebacks in the 4th qtr manning or brady?

Peyton Manning has 38 and Tom Brady has 26, but Peyton Manning has played for 2 more seasons than Brady

Who is the best NFL quaterback?

Drew Brees Tom Brady Peyton Manning