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the bicycle kick of course

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Q: Pele was known best for
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What is Pele known for?

Pele was know for being the best football player of all time. till i get in the big league's!

What are the myths and legends of Kilauea?

pele and the stolen rock is the best known

What is the nationality of Pele?

NATIONALITY OF PELE Edison Arantes do Nascimento, best known as Pele, was born in Tres Coracoes, Brazil in 23 October 1940. He is a Brazilian.

Is Pele or Cryuff the best ever soccer player?


Why is Pele famous?

Pele was one of the best brazilan footballers

Who is the worlds best soccer player Pele or ronaldinho?


Who was known as the black pearl?


In which game is Pele regarded as possibl y the best player ever?

Football, known as soccer in USA

Who is the best striker?

pele in brazil is the best

Is Pele the best?

Yes. Pele is the best. He had tremendous skill, personality on the field, athletism and had amazing career achievements.

Is Pele the best soccer ever?

Yes Pele is the best soccer player ever

Who is the best footballer in Brazil?


Who was the best soccer player?


Who was the best football legend?


Who is the best player on the Santos?


Who is the striker?

pele in Brazil is the best

Is rhonaldhino better then Pele?

no because Pele is the best footballer to ever walk on earth

Who is better at soccer David Beckham or Pele?

Pele Is the best guy soccer player

Who is known as the king of soccer?

Pele of Brazil the current ambassador of FIFA is the king of soccer being the best player ever.

Edson arantes do nascimento is better known as?


Which bahraini footballer is known as Pele?

Ali hussain

Who is known as the female Pele?

Beverley Ranger (U.K.)

Which football player was known as perola negra?


Who is the best pele or Cristiano?

Some say Pele is better than Cristiano. Some people think that Cristiano is better than Pele.

Who is considered the best soccer player best in the world and why?