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pele in Brazil is the best

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โˆ™ 2012-02-13 13:57:26
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Q: Who is the best striker?
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Who is the best German striker?

The German striker who is best is Miraslav klose.

Who is the best striker in fifa 10?

if you count messi as a striker then him

What gaming motherboard is the best?

The Nvidia nforce 680i SLI is the best motherboard for gaming in cheaper cost. Others are Chipset ASUS Striker, ASUS Striker Extreme , ASUS Striker II Formula.

Can you use any steel for a striker?

If you are talking about a striker for a fire steel or magnesium bar, or even a piece of flint, the best striker is carbon steel.

Is Wayne Rooney a good striker?

Wayne Rooney is the worlds best striker he gets the best goals of the year the things he does is just incrediable.

Who is Liverpool's best striker?

Probably Suarez.

Who is the best striker in the premier leauge?


Who is Spain's best striker?

orla and naomi

Who is the world's best striker?

Messi Heskey

Who is the best game master?

Sasha striker

Who are the world's best striker at the moment?


Who is chelsa fc's best striker?


Who is the 2nd best striker?

The second best strikerprobablyisMessias well as Maradona

What is the name of the new world best striker in soccer?

The name of the new striker in club football is Lionel Messi of Barcelona.

Is Fernando Torres the best striker in the world?


Who is the best PAC rat player?

sasha striker

What is the Best soccer boot for a striker?


Who is the best football striker in the world?

Lionel Messi

Who is the best striker in the spanish premier league?


What hockey stick is best for a striker?

A good one

Who is the best striker in as of right now?

Samuel Eto'o

Who was the best striker in Spain in 2009?

David Villa

Is ray striker the best beyblade in the world?


Who are the best strikers in FIFA 12?

Messi is the best striker in FIFA 12

Who is the most best striker in England?

We unfortunately do not have the correct knolegdge that goes to your quesion. Deciding on the way your ask you asked the question, it is mose likely you that is the "best striker in England UK?"