Who is the worlds best soccer player Pele or ronaldinho?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: Who is the worlds best soccer player Pele or ronaldinho?
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Richest soccer players?

pele,ronaldinho and ronaldo

Who are three famous soccer athletes?

david beckman, ronaldinho, Pele

Who is the lord of soccer?

ronaldinho, pele, maradona - any one of those

Who is the best socer player?

salvador cabanas es el mejor soccer player. Pele is the best soccer player ever he won 3 world cups.

Who was famous in soccer?

Currently Lionel Messi, or maybe Ronaldinho, would almost certainly take that distinction. As for the most famous footballer ever, that would be either Diego Maradona or Pelé.

Who is the world famous Brazilian soccer player?

The Brazilian Pele is considered the greatest ever with over a thousand goals to his name.

What are the name of three Latino soccer players and where are they from?

Pele, Brazil Diego Maradona, Argentina Ronaldinho, Brazil

Who are some of the best soccer players ever?

-Pele -Maradona -Cristiano Ronaldo -Lionel Messi -Ronaldinho

Which Brazilian soccer player is recognised as the sport's greatest player?

Pele is called the best soccer player in the world.

Is Pele or Cryuff the best ever soccer player?


What religion did Pele the soccer player follow?

Pele is a Christian.

Is Pele a famous football player?

Yes, Pele is a famous football (soccer) player.