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The original franchise name was the Houston Oilers then the Tennessee Oilers and now currently the Tennessee Titans.

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Q: Original name of the Tennessee Titans?
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What state is Tennessee Titans located?

Tennessee - hence the name Tennessee Titans.

How did the Tennessee Titans football team get its name?

Their original name of Oilers made no sense for Tennessee (which is not an oil-producing state) and the name Titans was chose in homage to Nashville's reputation as "The Athens Of The South."

What was the old name for the Tennessee Titans?

Tennessee Oilers.

What is Tennessee's football teams name?

The Tennessee Titans.

What's another name for the Tennessee Titans?

The Tennessee Titans relocated to Tennessee from Houston in 1997. In Houston the team was known as the "Houston Oilers". For the first two years in Tennessee the team was known as the "Tennessee Oilers". In 1999 the team changed its name to the "Tennessee Titans".

Houston oilers to the Tennessee Titans?

The Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans are the same organization. They began as the Oilers; when they moved to Tennessee in 1997 the Oilers name stayed, then was changed to Titans in 1999.

Why did they rename the Tennessee Oiler to the Tennessee Titans?

Because the Oilers name was synoymous with Houston and Tennessee is not an oil-producing state. The name Titans comes from Nashville's nickname The Athens Of The South.

What is the name of Tennessee professional football team?


What is the Tennessee Titans's mascot name?


What is the name of the Tennessee titans field?

LP Field

Where are the Tennessee Titans from?

The Tennessee Titans moved to Tennessee from Houston, Texas in 1997.

When was Tennessee Titans created?

Tennessee Titans was created in 1959.

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