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Q: Off-season trade deadlines between European hockey leagues -IIHF- and NHL?
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What is European Professional Football Leagues's motto?

European Professional Football Leagues's motto is 'Great Football makes Great Things'.

How many leagues between Hastings and Bayeux?

70 leagues

What year did the union of european leagues of basketball form in?


Who is the only football player to play in 5 European leagues?

Florin Raducioiu - Italy, England, Spain, Germany and France - Europe's major 5 leagues

What is the originating country and theme of the website Filgoal?

Filgoal originating country is Egypt. Filgoal is a website that has news about football. Filgoal covers news on European leagues and Egyptian leagues.

Current European leagues top goal scorer?

The highest Europen goalscorer is raul Gonzales of Spain.

What are some similarities between the NFL and the NBA?

they are both based on sports. you make millions if you play in one of those leagues. there are two conferences in both leagues and there are lots of divisions in both leagues

What type of information does the Hockeydb website provide?

Hockydb is a data base site for hockey. It has lists including professional, semi professional, college and junior leagues. Information for American, Canadian, and European leagues are available.

Why does Israel play in European football leagues?

For political reasons and fallouts with the Asian countries, Israel is member of the UEFA rather than AFC and hence participates in European Competitions.

How many champions leagues has Manchester united won?

They have won 2 Champions league and 1 European Cup

Soccer players who have played in the 3 top European leagues?

Guiseppe Rossi (Man Utd, Parma, Villareal)

How does the uefa champions league work?

it starts off with the top sides in each of the European leagues in group stages. then the top two of those leagues battle it off in a knock out competition until the last team stands.

Do the European pro soccer leagues have any Cuban born players?

Yes his name is Manolillo "el Falopa" Blanco

What European countries have professional basketball leagues?

pretty much all of them, but they vary greatly in terms of level of competition and money

Does Pop Warner football have leagues in Europe?

Probably on US bases with schools, but I never saw a European play football when I lived there.

What football player played in 5 major European football leagues?

John Carew - Italy, Spain, France, England and Turkey

What is the difference between leagues and miles?

1 league = 3.45233834 miles

What is the distance between Nazareth and Judea?

26 leagues distance. A league is about 3 miles.

Are there different types of MLB?

Yes, there are two different leagues the American League and the National League. There are some differences in the play between the two leagues and each league has its own governance.

How many baseball leagues were in the negro leagues?

The Negro leagues were US professional baseball leagues. The term is usually used to include 7 leagues, also called "Negro Major Leagues" which began in 1920.

Are Liverpool the best?

They are the best English team ever, because they have won 18 leagues, 7 FA-cup's and 5 European big ones.

What sport do the Newcastle Falcons play?

The Newcastle Falcons play basketball in the European and English leagues. They are a basketball team with the mascot of a falcon from the city of Newcastle.

When was the first UEFA European Football Championship held and who was the host country?

The UEFA European football championship was inaugurated in 1955 in Paris, at the suggestion of the French sports journalist and editor of L'Équipe Gabriel Hanot as a continental competition for winners of the European national football leagues, as the European Champion Clubs' Cup, abbreviated to European Cup.

How many feet are there between each base in baseball?

In the major leagues, 90 feet.

What are the differences between high school and pro basketball leagues?

maybe u get paid