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The University of Kentucky Wildcats have won 7 NCAA Championships, most recently in the 1997-1998 season.

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Q: Number of NCAA titles for men's basketball for UK?
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What coach has won the most NCAA titles in mens basketball?

John Wooden from UCLA

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The Duke Blue Devils Have won 4 NCAA Division I Mens Basketball Titles. They won in 1991, 1992, 2001, 2010

Witch school has won the most NCAA titles?

NCAA Basketball Mens ucla 11 uk 7 indiana 5 unc 4

Which college basketball has won the most ncaa championship games?

Mens Basketball=UCLA has won 11 titles. Kentucky has won 7.==Kentucky has the most total wins in NCAA tournament games at 97. NCAA vacated 2-1 tournament record (1988). Actual number of wins is 99.=

What is the Number of teams in mens ncaa basketball tourney?

68, with 4 play-in games

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The Wilson Soultion

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The Bulldogs

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NCAA Mens Basketball Coach has the most NCAA wins?

Mike Krzyzewski

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UCLA leads all school with 11 mens titles

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They each have 1 NCAA Championship. Michigan won theirs in 1989 and Ohio State won theirs in 1960.

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UCLA holds that distinct honor!

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just take the number of teams in NCAA and times that by 13

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Kansas Jayhawks

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20-22 Ounces

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