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a player getting fowled, and the ref. not calling the fowl and the player in response swearing

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Q: Name one Technical fouls for basketball?
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Technical fouls in basketball?

on your second one, you are ejected from the game

How many technical fouls can a player have during playoffs?

A player can only receive 7 technical fouls in a playoff seris before they get suspended for one game.

How many free throws are given During technical fouls?


The types of personal fouls in basketball?

Actually they are no types of personal fouls in a basketball game, they are only diferent types of fouls, a personal foul is one kind of foul in basketball like charging, screening, illegal use of hands etc.

How many fouls is it in basketball till you get free shots?

It takes seven fouls for it to become a one and one situation, and 8 fouls for two shots. But if someone gets fouled in the act of shooting before there are seven fouls, they get two shots.

What does a one and one shot or bonus mean in basketball?

It means if your team gets 4 fouls in a quarter then you will shoot 2 free throws the rest of the fouls

How many team fouls before you shoot a one in one in basketball?

7 for high school.

What is the result of two technical fouls on the same player in basketball for the next game?

Nothing, the player can play the next game. However, if a player accumulates 15 Technical Fouls over the course of an NBA season, they are suspended for one game. The same is true during the NBA playoffs, except the number before suspension is reduced to 7.

What are the fewest number of fouls committed by one team in an NCAA basketball game?


What occurs in basketball when one player makes illegal contact with another player?


What happens if you get 14 technical fouls in one season in the nba?

nothing you need 16 to get suspended

What is the bonus situation in basketball?

The bonus situation is when an NBA team has committed 4 fouls in a quarter. From that point on for the rest of the quarter, every foul will result in two free throws. In youth basketball or basketball where only halves are played, after one team has committed seven fouls, a foul results in a one-and-one. Ten fouls results in two shots for every foul.

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