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the end zone

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Q: Name of Area in which a player scores a touchdown?
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Who was the first NFL player to return an interception for a touchdown?

The NFL was founded in 1920 but the name of the first player to return an interception for a touchdown is not listed.

What is the song playing when billy bob scores the final touchdown in varsity blues?

In Varsity Blues, the name of the song playing as Billy Bob Thornton's character makes the final touchdown is "The End" by Mark Isham. The movie was released in 1999.

What is the longest interception return without a touchdown and name the player?

Julius Peppers 101 yards.

Why is a touchdown called a touchdown?

In the earliest days of American football, a "touchdown" required that the ball physically touch the ground beyond the goal line. This requirement was removed from the rules in 1889, but the name stuck.

What was the name of the play and who was the player John Riggins ran over on 4th and 1 in route to a touchdown in Super bowl 17?

That was Miami defensive back Don McNeil.

How did the packers field get its name?

Lambeau got its name by the famous Lambeau jump into the stands after scoreing a touchdown.

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these r under scores ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

Why is Scoresby's name ironic?

He had the highest scores on his exams.

What is another name for the median of a set of scores?


What is the name of the hip hop song they play after a Steelers touchdown at Heinz Field?

Twilight Zone

Name the quarterback that threw the most touchdown passes in a college game?

Nancy DeRosa;) by;LunCi

What is the name of the area figure skaters wait to learn their scores?

It depends who sponsors it. Some times it is called the Kiss and Cry Lounge(or box), sometimes the Puffs Lounge, etc. :)

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