Name for a skill-full Brazilian soccer player?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Name for a skill-full Brazilian soccer player?
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What are the real name of the Brazilian soccer player?

Ronaldo kerim

What is the name of the Brazilian soccer player of Cruzeiro also know as The Seal?


What is the portuguese soccer player KaKa real name?

First of all kaka is a Brazilian footballer.

Was there a Brazilian soccer player ever killed after kicking a ball into his own goal?

No, there was a Colombian player who was killed by the name of Andres Escobar

What Brazilian soccer player known by a single name was fined for cheating after a match against Turkey in the 2002 World Cup?


What is the Brazilian name for soccer?

Portoguese* Futebol Portoguese* Futebol

Why do Brazilian soccer players have only one name?

because their first name is hard to proniunce

Who is the best soccer player in soccer history?

Pelé, from Brazil - real name, Edison Arantes do Nascimento. The best soccer player in history is Pelé, a Brazilian international that played during the 60s.

What is the name of the Brazilian Best female soccer player in the 2012 olympic?

The Brazilian team was not part of the best and did not even make the semi finals. Marta is the Brazil squad member with the most Goals from the women's football team

What is the name of the Brazilian soccer team?

its definitly the name of their country.. just like the united states soccer team is called united states, Brazil's soccer team would be Brazil. simple as that! :)

Is ronaldo the best soccer player?

There are many players who are recognized by the name Ronaldo. Currently Cristiano Ronaldo and "Ronaldinho" still play and are widely recognized as great players. However, a brazilian player who went by the nickname of Pele is widely recognized as the single greatest soccer player of all time by many sources.

What is the name of the coach who has coached 5 different countries in the soccer world cup?

It is the Brazilian Alberto Perriera.