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Ronaldo kerim

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Q: What are the real name of the Brazilian soccer player?
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What is the portuguese soccer player KaKa real name?

First of all kaka is a Brazilian footballer.

Who is the best soccer player in history?

Pelé, from Brazil - real name, Edison Arantes do Nascimento. The best soccer player in history is Pelé, a Brazilian international that played during the 60s.

Famous christian soccer player who is still alive?

Kaka is a famous Brazilian christian soccer player who as of 2010 is still part of the Brazilian world cup team and also plays for Real Madrid. He is a devout evangelical christian and talks about his faith a lot.

When was soccer player Kaka born?

The soccer player Kaka was born in Gama, Brazil. He was born on April 22, 1982. He currently plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team.

Is there a soccer player named caca?

There is a famous Brazilian soccer player named Kaka. He plays for Real Madrid in the Spanish Primera League. There is a german player named cacau, but he is less known and he plays for VFB Stuttgart in the German Bundesliga.

What is ronaldos sport?

Ronaldo is a soccer player (otherwise known as futbol in other countries) There is a Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for real Madrid in Spain and a Ronaldo who is a famous Brazilian striker who currently plays in the Brazilian league

What is Brazil currency name?

The Brazilian Real

What is Brazilian ronaldo's real name?

It is Ronaldo Lima.

Who is the soccer player in the beginning of real soccer 09?

Wayne Rooney

What is the name of currency used at Brazil?

The Real (reh-al) Brazilian real

Was sandiego munez a real soccer player?

Santiago Munez was not a real soccer player. He is the fictional main character of Goal!, the soccer-based trilogy about his rise to stardom.

Is gracie the soccer player real?


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