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Polo must be played right-handed. Left-handed play was ruled out in 1975 for safety reasons. To date, only 3 players on the world circuit are left-handed.

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Q: Name a sport that you cannot play left handed?
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What is a sport that you cannot play left handed?

Left Handedness and SportsDue to the added potential for injury, the game of polo cannot be played left handed, left handed play was banned in 1975. Any Sport- it just matters if you want to or not. There is no sport you can not play with your left hand.Field Hockey is one.none all sports are both-handedsoccer of course! you cant use your hands.

Sport where playing left handed is banned?

In the written rules of polo if says that you cannot use your left-hand. Any left-handed polo players must play right-handed.

In which sport is it forebidden to play left handed?

No sport

What is the only sport played left handed?

A lot of sports are played left handed. Cricket and ice hockey are two examples; many more can be thought of if you try.If you mean a sport that is played only left handed, then there is no such sport either.

In what sport are competitors forbidden to play with there left handed?

Field hockey and Polo do not allow left handed play.

What is the only sport you cant play left handed?


Which is the only sport which is not allowed to play left handed?


The only sport which is not allowed to play left handed?

your penis

What sport can you only play left handed?

basically every sport.

What are five sports that you cannot play left handed?

There are no sports that require play on the right-hand side or that a player is right-handed. A common misconception is that field hockey is one such sport; it only requires use of a right-handed stick, where play can and often is made on the left of the body.

What game cannot be played left handed?

Arm wrestling.

What two sports are left-handed people not permitted to participate in?

No sport bans left-handed people. They merely restrict the use of the left hand to no, or a certain set of, activities. This includes sports like polo and field hockey (and arm-wrestling if you call it a sport).

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The only sport which is not allowed to play left handed?

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