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There are multiple including Golf, football, and Basketball.

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Q: In which sport sportsmen has to use right hand even if he is left handed?
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Would it be better to be left handed or right handed?

Most people are right handed & fewer people are left handed. Some people even think it's better to be right handed! But the truth is, it really doesn't matter. So if you're left or right handed...Both of them are good!

Did paul McCartney play the trumpet?

Yes he did but he swaped it for a right handed guitar even though he was left handed.

How do you paint you right hand?

To paint you right hand it depends if your left handed or right , i even struggle to do my right hand because I'm right handed but if your left handed its easier to do but now i can, all i takes is practice but i take my time, hopefully this helps some.

Could a right-handed person be left-handed?

Yep, if they learn how to write with their left hand as well as their right hand, then yes. Just like I can write with my right hand, even though I'm left handed. x

Why do left handed people die before right handed people?

because let handed people are stupid, and they don't know how to write with their right hand and most left handed people don't even have a brain..... GO SUPERMAN

Where can you find a left-handed Gibson guitar for under 300?

you can't even find a right handed Gibson guitar for 300

What sport can you only play right handed?

Polo; otherwise there is a huge risk of collisions between competing players and their mounts.Contrary to belief, field hockey can be played left handed as well as it is right handed. The actual idea is that the stick can be "right-handed" only; even then, this is only a classification, since many left handed people are just as good at using them.IN ADDITION to Polo, the sport of Jai Alai is, also, only played righted-handed. The cesta ('glove') must be worn of the right hand. The pelota ('ball') is always served, caught, and thrown with the cesta (i.e. on the right hand).Similar to citing the 'danger' reasons Polo, there is greater risk of of the pelota (which can travel upwards of 100 mph) striking the opposing player.

What is the real difference between right and left handed golf clubs?

The only difference in the right versus left handed clubs is which way the head of the club faces. Many golf specialists agree that you should always try right handed clubs first! Even if you are left handed, you may not need left handed clubs.

Why are people right handed and left handed?

It just depends on what hand you choose to write with. You can be ambidextrous or even teach yourself how to write with your other hand.

Is GOD right-handed?

God created "right-handed" and "left-handed", just as he created time, but these things were for us, humans. God isn't stereotyped into "right-" or "left-" handed, he created these things, and since he is a spirit, he is GOD, he may not even have "hands" , and if he had, he would be able to use them both the same, both way better than humans.

Did Kurt cobain ever play right handed guitars?

Technically, he did play right-handed guitars, but not in the conventional right-handed way. He would, as Jimi Hendrix did and I myself must do sometimes, re-strung the guitars to have the strings in left-handed order, effectively playing the guitar upside-down. This was before he got any real money to buy a good left-handed guitar, as they are often substantially more expensive than their right-handed counterparts, even if the same model.

What hand did Kurt Cobain write with?

Kurt was actually dominantly left handed but was also ambidextrous; he would usually write left handed and later learned how to write right handed. I even saw a quote by him saying " I'm left handed."

Is Charlie Sheen left handed?

Even though Charlie is using his left hand while phoning(Two And Half Man) I guess he's right handed.

Are left-handed people abnormal in a sense?

Maybe unusual in that most people are right handed. But, as the saying goes, only left handed people are in their right mind. they are not abnormal in a sense because left-handed individual only have most developed right brain hemisphere that ables them to write or even to work with there left. they are some incident that left-handed individual might gotused-to in using there left hand in such works.

Was left speaking sign language in a video called unpretty?

Hi: Left is fine. If you are dominantly comfortable being left-handed in sign language, then you can sign with your left dominant hand. Though even some people, who are dominantly left-handed in writing, are right-handed in signing.Whichever right- or left-handed you are, remember that you must be consistent with it. If you are right-handed, use your right hand as dominant. If left-handed, use your left hand as dominant. It is not interchangeable. If you are ambidextrous, you should choose one as your dominant hand and stay consistent with it.

What is the right-lefty theory on pitching and why?

I'm not sure if this is what you are talking about but... Right-handed pitchers do better against right-handed batters than they do against left-handed batters. And left-handed pitchers do better against left-handed batters than they do against right-handed batters. Conversely, right-handed batters do better against left-handed pitchers than right-handed pitchers and left-handed batters do better against right-handed pitchers than left-handed pitchers. My dad explained to me once why it worked out this way, but I don't know if I fully understand it. Apparently, the horizontal motion on a pitched ball is such that, for a right-handed pitcher, the ball moves to his left, or to the batter's right. If you are a right-handed batter, the ball is moving AWAY from you, but if you are a left-handed batter, the ball is moving TOWARD you. And, apparently, it's easier to hit a ball moving toward you than to hit one moving away from you. Personally, it's incredible to me that ANYONE can hit a pitched ball, even when it's only going 70 MPH, regardless of which way it's moving, so maybe that's why the explanation didn't make sense to me.

If a boxer is a southpaw then which hand does he lead with?

A boxer who is left handed is nicknamed a southpaw, however, even right handed boxers can lead punch with their left hands. Left handed baseball pitchers are called southpaws as well.

Was Isaac Asimov left handed?

Isaac Asimov was right handed. He autographed books using his right hand. It is too bad that he contracted AIDs through a blood transfusion or he would have lived longer and wrote even more books.

Can you play guitar left handed even when you are right handed?

Yes, it all depends what your preferences are. Just a note, a lefty guiar means you would strum with your left hand, if thats what you want to do.

Which category of Right versus Right dilemma is tested when fairness equity and even-handed application of the law conflicts with compassion empathy and love?

Justice versus mercy

Which category of right versus right dilemma is tested when fiarness equity and even handed application of the law conflicts with compassion empathy and love?

Justice versus mercy

What hand is Link's triforce on in The Legend of Zelda?

That, my good sir, is the Triforce of Courage. Its on the right hand, even though Link is left handed.

What foot should a right handed bowler begin on?

The right foot. It is more important that a right handed bowler end on the left foot, but may start on either foot. If you start on the right foot you have an even number of steps before releasing the ball. If you start on the left foot you have an odd number of steps before releasing the ball.

Why are there left handed people killed every year due to using right handed products?

It is fairly common knowledge that left handed people do not live as long as right handed people, mostly due to accidents. Even if you look at a simple tool, like scissors, they have to be used in a less than efficient way in order to make them work. So a task that might be considered safe becomes unsafe.

In twilight is the player of Jessica left handed even for real?

It never says in the books if she is left handed, but Anna Kendrick (Jessica) is left handed.