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Dewi Morris

Stuart Barnes

jon callard

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Q: Name 5 Welsh born players to play international rugby for England?
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When was Welsh Rugby Players Association created?

Welsh Rugby Players Association was created in 2003.

Which welsh rugby club has provided the mosT players in The Welsh National Rugby team?

The Osprays in 2008/2009

What year did the welsh rugby team first play?

Wales played their first international rugby match on the 19th of February 1881, in an 8-0 loss to England.

When were the first national team formed for rugby?

there were 2 Scotland and England with England forming first. The matches between thr two are the oldest international games in rugby history

What colour was the first Welsh Rugby International shirt?

It was red

I need only one name of any rugby player welsh rugby players?

James hook

How many Newport players in welsh rugby team?

In autumn 2017 there are four

It is fair that welsh rugby players get paid and women rugby players don't?

It has to be remembered that until recently (2003) Union players were not paid at all. The female game is developing and the gate money is increasing as is the sponsorship.

What are the names of welsh rugby players starting with an e that played rugby during the 90's?

From recollection there have been NO players whose name begins with a "E" in the 1990 -99 years

Do men rugby players earn more than woman rugby players?

yes. female rugby union is still only semi-professional, if that. The England Womens Rugby Union team all have other jobs as well as playing for England.

Where do You find funding for being a welsh women's rugby international?

Funding is via the WRU - There are strict regulations on who can / cannot sponsor. Most players will have an agent who will work in this area to seek out funding streams

Which province are the rugby players known as the lion?

The Lions are the touring rugby side which is made up of players from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland