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Yes, as long as you don't hit or shove to get it.

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Q: N basketball can you take the ball from your opponent's hand?
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Are you allowed to take 3 steps in basketball while holding the ball in 1 hand?

no, youll be called for a travel. no matter how you hold the ball, you cannot take three steps.

How is the height of a basketball player related to dribbling the basketball?

The taller the basketball player the longer it will take for the ball to hit the floor. The stronger he is though, will help the ball not take as long to hit the floor or court.

Does baseball have more contact than basketball?

No, I think basketball has more contact because you are up against other players that can chase you and take the ball away from you. Baseball, on the other hand, you only hit the ball from a distance and you don't really come in contact with other players on the other team like you do in basketball.

How many steps can a basketball player take after catching the ball in the air?

After catching the basketball in the air, the player has the ability to take two steps. After two steps, the player must stop. He/she may rotate on a pivot foot or may move freely, as long as they stop after catching the basketball in the air.This is assuming that by catch the player catches the ball with 2 hands, as if they control the ball with one hand, they don't have to stop at all.

What is the 5 seconds regulation for basketball?

In basketball people have 5 seconds to take the ball out of bounds.

How to play throw ball?

take a ball in ur hand ,lift it,and throw it

One rule of basketball?

One rule of basketball is that you have to dribble the ball and never travel your feet because then you let the other team get a chance to take the ball.

Basketball traveling rules in basketball?

If someone has a ball and they take two steps without bouncing it, it is traveling.

What do you call it when you take the ball from someone else in basketball?


Which position in basketball always takes out the ball?

No position always takes out the ball. Most likely, a center or power forward will take out the ball and pass it in to the point guard. However, anyone can take out the ball.

What is a ball in hand?

A ball in hand is a circumstance in the game of pool or billiards in which a fault by another player permits the competitor to take the cue ball in hand and place it behind the baulk line.

How many steps can you take without bouncing a ball basketball?


What is turnover un basketball?

when the defenders take the ball from offence team.

What does guarding mean in basketball?

If you are guarding someone while playing basketball, you would be playing defense on them, or trying to take the ball from them.

Do you need to dribble the basketball before you take a shot?

No, there is no rule that says you must dribble the basketball before you can shoot it. But you may not take any steps with out dribbling the ball, if you do "travel" with the ball without dribbling the referee will whistle a penalty.

How many seconds do you have in basketball in the oppositions half before shooting?

It would be safe to say that it would take at least .9 {nine tenths of a second to release the ball from your hand} it doesn't matter where you shoot it from as long as before the buzzer hits you have no contact with the ball

How many steps can a basketball player take while having the ball?

well you can take as many steps as you need but you have to dribble the ball if not dribbling, the max is 2.

How does the basketball work?

The way it works is that you can not run or dribble the basketball (back when it was invented). You can not take more than one step with the ball.

What happens when you travel in a basketball game?

When you travel in a basketball game its the other teams ball, they take it from the sideline and pass it to somebody on their team

What is a walk mean in basketball?

It means to travel. It is when you take too many steps without dribbling the ball. Or when you take too many steps after you stop dribbling the ball.

Can you take 3 steps in basketball?

no, not if you have the ball, unless you are continuously dribbling it. Otherwise, you can take as many steps as you want.

What does travel mean when playing basketball?

It means you take the ball and run without dribbling it

How do you dunk with one hand?

You take your hand and dribble up to the basket jump with the other leg and have the ball in hand and dunk.

How long does it take to sew a ball by hand?

2 hours

Types of serving in playing volleyball?

Overhand (throw the ball up, take a step forward, and hit it with your opposite hand) Underhand (hold the ball in one hand, take a step, then swing your arm like a pendulum with a fish and push it out of your hand) Float (same as overhand, but freeze your hand once you hit it instead of following through) Jump (step forward, throw the ball up in front of you, take one last stride, then jump and hit the ball as it is descending) Top Spin (the ball spins forward) Side Spin (the ball spins sideways)