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Q: Most number of laterals in a football play?
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Do French play football?

yes, they do. Football is the most popular sport in France by number of registered players.

What is the number one sports in the US?

contrary to popular belief, football is not the most popular sport to PLAY in the U.S. it is still soccer. but football is the most widely watched

What is the most play in Britain?


What is Justin Bieber's football number?

he doesnt play football. he plays hockey, and his number was 96, and it was 16

What game do people play most?


What sport does Nigeria play the most?


How old are most pro football players when they start to play football?

They are most likely to be 21-24

How good can billy tsiantos play football?

billy tsiantos can play better than the most chidren in the world. he is training in arsenal kiev and he is the best. The is number 8.

Why do people like the football most?

Football is the National Sport which is why everyone enjoys it. Youngsters play football from a very early age, Dads play it, there are ladies football teams now.

Which sport do they play the most in Genoa?

soccer,football,rugby football,sailing and swimming

Is 5 the luckiest football number?

no 7 is i play for a football team and am no 7 it is really lucky trust me

What sports does Uruguay participating?

the most important sport in Uruguay is football.but is not American football ,it is only a simple football. most of the people there play that sport.girls and boys can play football. im from Uruguay! i know a lot about it!