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contrary to popular belief, football is not the most popular sport to PLAY in the U.S. it is still soccer. but football is the most widely watched

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Q: What is the number one sports in the US?
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What is the number one sports team?


What college sports network is number one?

Research regarding the number one College Sports Network has provided information that CSTV holds that position.This network is dedicated to College sports 24 hours a day.

What are the sports in Korea?

Well they have a lto fo the sports in US but one of their national sport is TaeKwondo

How many sports spectators are there in the US?

No one knows the exact number. It would be ridiculously hard to figure that out. anywhere from 100 thousands to millions.

Is baseball one of the oldest sports in the US?


Where can one purchse towels with sports logos?

Towels with sports logos can be bought from a number of sporting goods stores and retailers. McArthur Towel and Sports is one of the leading retailers of towels with sports logo and one can order from their website.

How can one Excel in Operation Sports?

There are a number of ways that one can excel in Operation Sports. For example, there are a number of excellent tips provided that are related to the National Football League (NFL). Some of these can be found online at Operation Sports Forum.

What ae the most popular pro sports in the US?

its between baseball and football for number one. but for other hockey ranks higher than soccer

Who is the number one hoser in the US?

Sandy Sanchez is the number one hoser in the US.

Who offers sports travel packages?

There are a number of companies that offer sports travel packages depending on what country one is located. One site that is available in the USA is Sports Travel and Tours.

Where could one watch videos of the Golf US Open?

Videos of the Golf US Open can be found on sports websites and video sites such as US Open, CBS Sports, ESPN, Golf Channel, Fox Sports and Euro Sport.

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Gatorade is the number one 'isotonic' sports beverage.

What is the number one sport in the US basketball or soccer?

In the US, basketball is more popular than soccer. The four major sports in the US are American football (NFL), baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA) and ice hockey (NHL).

What are senior projects that involve sports?

There are an unlimited number of projects that could involve sports. One might do a project on the effects of sports in a person's life for example.

What US States dont have professional Sports teams?

Virgina is one!

Is the NBA popular?

yes it is one of the most known sports in the US

What is the number of kids who play sports in the US?

There is none kids quit a sport every day.

Where can one watch a sports video online?

There are a number of places where one might watch a sports video online. They can be found on websites such as Youtube. Sports videos can also be found on professional sport league websites.

Is cricket best sports?

No... Its not that one sport is the best and the others are not. All sports are good in some or the other way and are beneficial to us.

What are the number of events in track and field sports?

what are the number of events in field sports

Where can one find information on champs sports?

The 'About Us' section of the Champs Sports website describes how they are one of the largest athletic footwear, and clothing retailers in the United States.

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There are a number of online retailers that one can buy autographed memorabilia from. 'Sports Memorabilia', 'Autograph City', 'Steiner Sports' and 'Autographed Memorabilia'.

How many high schools in the US have sports teams?

almost every one

Who is the number one softball manufacturer?

4 biggest manufacturers of softball equipment are: Dudley Sports, Easton Sports, Louisville Slugger, and Worth Sports. David,