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Nolan Ryan has given up the most walks with 2,795 in his 27 years of playing.

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Q: Most base on ball by a pitcher in one season?
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Why did the play Advance after a pitcher drops the ball?

If you mean a player on base? When a pitcher drops the ball it is a balk and base runners advance one base.

What National League pitcher had the most base hits in the 2006 season?

Carlos Zambrano from the cubs

What New York Mets pitcher has the most base hits in one season?

mike hampton?

If a base runner is leading off of a base while the pitcher has the ball when can he steal a base Is it once the pitcher throws the ball or once the ball is over homeplate?

in little league you have to wait for the ball to cross home plate but every level after little league you can steal at any time you want to no matter who has the ball or where the pitcher is or what he is doing.

How can a player get to 1st base without hitting a ball?

Most if not all players have gotten to first base without hitting the ball. Most if not all receive a 'walk' (pitcher throws four pitches that are called balls by the umpire) and some have been hit by the ball thrown by the pitcher. In either case, the batter gets to take first base without ever hitting the ball.

In baseball if you hit the ball and you are running to first base and the pitcher puts the ball on any other base besides first base are you out'?

No, they have to touch first base.

In baseball if you hit the ball and running to first base the pitcher grabs the ball and puts it on any base besides the first base are you out?

No you are not out unless you were heading to the base he tagged

What is it called when a pitcher drops the ball while pitching?

If the pitcher drops the ball while contacting the rubber or in her motion it is called an illegal pitch. The batters' count will be given a ball and if a runner is on base they are allowed to advance to the next base.

In baseball what is a bak?

The word is balk. In baseball, the offensive players do not need to stand on the base. They can stand off the base. When the pitcher has the ball, he is allowed to throw it to a teammate and the teammate can touch the opponent not on base with the ball. The opponent will be out and will leave the playing field. The pitcher can face the batter and then turn around and throw the ball to a teammate. The purpose of the pitcher is to throw the ball across home plate so the batter can hit it or not hit it. At some point the pitcher has to pitch the ball to the batter. The pitcher has to make some sort of a motion and then pitch the ball. If he makes the wrong kind of motion it is called a balk. It counts as a ball on the batter and a player on base gets to go to the next base. A lot of people in the audience can not tell when the pitcher has committed a balk.

Do you get to take first base if the pitcher pitches the ball behind you?

No, you can't.

What happens if a base runner leaves the base or is standing off the base and the pitcher releases the ball in softball?

runner is out

A fair batted ball strike the base runner after deflecting off the pitcher's glove?

Its a live ball