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Cy Young with 7354 2/3 innings pitched.

Young also holds the MLB records for most games started (815) and most complete games (749).

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Q: Most Major League Baseball career inning pitched?
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Who was the oldest player in Major League Baseball?

Leroy "Satchel" Paige pitched one inning of a MLB game in 1965, at the age of 59 (or was he 63?).

What does whip stand for in Major League Baseball?

It stands for Walks/Hits innings pitched. It is pretty much a stat that shows on average how many base runners a pitcher will allow per inning pitched.

What is an Immaculate Inning in Major League Baseball?

An immaculate inning in major league baseball is one in which three batters are retired on nine straight strikes.

Who was the youngest Major League Baseball pitcher?

Joe Nuxhall was 15 years, 10 months when he pitched (pretty badly) for less than an inning of MLB on 1944 June 10.

How many outs are there in a Major League Baseball game?

There are a total of 27 outs in a 9 inning game in Major League Baseball.

Who has pitched five strike outs in one inning?

The most strikeouts in baseball history in one inning is four. This has happened just 72 times in baseball history.

What does WHIP mean in a baseball box score?

Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched.

How many Baseball Hall of Fame submarine pitchers are there?

The only pitcher in the Baseball Hall of Fame that threw primarily submarine is Joe McGinnity who pitched 10 seasons (1899-1908) for the Baltimore Orioles (both the National League Orioles and American League Orioles), Brooklyn Superbas, and New York Giants. He claimed the submarine delivery was easy on his arm and he led his respective league 6 seasons in games pitched and 4 times in innings pitched, his highest being an NL leading 434 innings in 1903 when he pitched in 51 games, had 44 complete games, and 31 wins, also all tops in the National League. In the month of August, 1903 he pitched complete games in both games of a doubleheader three times. He followed the 434 inning season in 1903 by pitching 408 innings in 1904. 1904 was his best season as he led the National League in innings pitched, wins (35), ERA (1.61), games pitched (51), shutouts (9), and saves (5). After his MLB career he pitched in the minor leagues until the age of 54 and, depending whether you believe the stats, ended his career with 480 victories (246 in MLB and 234 in the minors). His nickname was 'Iron Man' but it came from working in iron mines prior to his MLB career and not from his ability to pitch countless innings.

How many strikeouts per inning did Nolan Ryan have?

Nolan Ryan had career regular season stats of 5386 innings pitched and 5714 strikeouts for an average of 1.06 strikeouts per inning.

What major league baseball team holds the record of extra inning wins?

Chicago cubs

What is the average runs scored each single inning by a major league baseball team?


How many run have the redsox ever had in an inning?

The Red Sox hold the Major League Baseball record with 19 runs in one inning.

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