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Q: Is Michael Phelps too old to be in the Olympics?
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What collage did Michael Phelps go too?


Where can you buy Michael Phelps posters?

im trying to find out too :\

What kind of music does Michael Phelps listen too?

lil Wayne "Im Me"

What are facts about Michael Phelps?

There is so much to know about Michael Phelps. Heis an amazing person, and lets not forget a AMAZING swimmer! did you know he eats 12,000 calories a day? HE spends almost all of his time practicing and preparing for the Olympics! His favorite color is blue. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He does have ADHD too.

Who is Fred Phelps father of Michael Phelps' mother and father?

He was a State Trooper, and I believe he may have been a competitive swimmer too.

Who are the best swimming champions?

Well theres Mark Spitz (7 gold) and Michael Phelps (8 gold) The numbers are their records from a single Olympics Natalie Coughlin and Katie hoff are good too

Are you too old to fence in the Olympics?


What is a sentence using the word thrilled?

The entire country was thrilled with the performance of Michael Phelps at the Olympics. Dad was not too thrilled when he had to shovel snow from the driveway for the third time that day. The unscheduled appearance by the Hollywood star thrilled the theater audience.

Michael Phelps made history this past Olympics what was his greatest accomplishment of the Olympics?

getting those gold medals...OF COURSE. :) his greatest acomplishment was getting 8 gold metals, gettting arested for druk driving, smoking pot , going to mars, anoncing his gayness to his parents and his ex girlfriend was gay too

Can you swim with shingles in a chlorine pool?

Absolutely! It's easy to beat them in a race too! They aren't exactly Michael Phelps in the water...

Why didn't Michael Jordan play in the 1988 Olympics?

he was too busy winning real championships

Why did Cathy Freeman quit the Olympics?

She quit because she felt that she was too old (retiring) and she was too fat.

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